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Design Miami/ Visionary Dinner

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

1 - DSC_8837_new

Miami, FL – December 2, 2015 – It was an evening under the “stars” as Design Miami/ hosted their Visionary Award dinner presented by Panerai. The evening honored designer Yves Behar, who has been named this years recipient of the 2015 Design Visionary Award. Behar was acknowledged for his holistic design vision and for the substantial impact he has made through humanitarian projects such as the INDEX-award winning One Laptop Per Child and See Better To Learn Better. Widely recognized for his groundbreaking work in the industrial design sphere, Behar has brought his integrated design approach to industry leaders such as Herman Miller, Jawbone, SodaStream and August, among others. But most significantly, this award celebrates Behar’s work in the humanitarian sector.


1.9-Rodman Primack speaking, Yves Béhar, & Craig Robins_new

Rodman Primack, Yves Behar, & Craig Robins

2 - Rodman Primack speaking, Yves Béhar, Craig Robins, & Angelo Bonati_new

 Rodman Primack, Yves Behar, Craig Robins, & Angelo Bonati

2.2-Rodman Primack, Yves Béhar speaking, Craig Robins, & Angelo Bonati1_new

2.3-Rodman Primack, Yves Béhar, Craig Robins speaking, & Angelo Bonati3_new

2.4-Craig Robins speaking & Angelo Bonati_new

 Craig Robins & Angelo Bonati

2.6-Rodman Primack, Yves Béhar, Craig Robins speaking, & Angelo Bonati8_new

 Rodman Primack, Yves Behar, Craig Robins, & Angelo Bonati

2.7-Rodman Primack, Yves Béhar, Craig Robins speaking, & Angelo Bonati12_new

2.8-Rodman Primack, Yves Béhar, Craig Robins, & Angelo Bonati speaking_new

Rodman Primack, Yves Béhar, Craig Robins, & Angelo Bonati


Craig Robins, Laure Heriard Dubreuil, Rodman Primack, & Yves Behar


Craig Robins & Laure Heriard Dubreuil

4 - DSC_0102_new


Laure Heriard Dubreuil

Laure Heriard Dubreuil & Gabrielle Anwar


Michele Oka Doner

5 - DSC_0152_new

Craig Robins, Jason Binn, & Philip Levine

5.3-Nicole Levy Pack, Maya Ezratti, Philip Levine, & Jason Binn_new

Nicole Levy Pack, Maya Ezratti, Philip Levine, & Jason Binn

5.4-Nicole Levy Pack & Maya Ezratti1_new

Nicole Levy Pack & Maya Ezratti

5.6 - DSC_0116_new

 Craig & Marlon Robins, Michelle & Don Soffer

Monique Péan, Julia Chaplin, & Ipek Irgig


Debbie, Stacy, & Scott Robins, Carolina Oliva, & Michelle Soffer


Scott Robins


Stephen Nimer, Shareef Malnik, Gabrielle Anwar, Lianne Barnes, & Steven Zimmerman

7 - D Kramer, Alexandra Cunningham, & Mark Lee_new

D Kramer, Alexandra Cunningham Cameron, & Mark Lee

7.5-Steve Waterhouse, Yves Béhar, & Eric McDougall_new

Steve Waterhouse, Yves Behar, & Eric McDougall

7.6-Susan Magrino & Phil Goldfarb_new

Susan Magrino & Philip Goldfarb














23 - DSC_8777_new


24-Nektar De Stagni djing_new

Nektar De Stagni

25-Nektar De Stagni_new




29-Angelo Bonati & Friend_new

Angelo Bonati

30 - Harvey Hernandez, Joe Gebbia, & Yves Béhar1_new

Harvey Hernandez, Joe Gebbia, & Yves Behar

30.5-Yves Béhar & Kinga Lampert_new

Yves Behar & Kinga Lampert

31-Paula Hernandez & Harvey Hernandez_new

Paula & Harvey Hernandez

Elise Van Middelem, Ghislain d’Humieres, Heather Kleisner, & Lucho Noboa

33-Marcel Wanders, Gabriella Asztalos, & Joe Gebbia_new

Marcel Wanders, Gabriella Asztalos, & Joe Gebbia

34 - Edward Lampert & Kinga Lampert_new

Edward & Kinga Lampert

34.3-Anna Williams & Eric Bradschaw_new

Anna Williams & Eric Bradshaw

Andrea Noboa, Jackie Soffer, Rudy Weissenberg, & Barbara Becker

uv-Zoe Robins & Gina Goldberg_new

Zoe Robins & Gina Goldberg

u-Zoe Robins, Craig Robins, & Gina Goldberg_new

Zoe & Craig Robins, & Gina Goldberg





1 Hotel & Homes South Beach Celebrates Cindy Crawford’s New Book, “BECOMING” Hosted by Casamigos Tequila

Thursday, October 8th, 2015


Cindy Crawford

Miami Beach, FL – October 6, 2015 – In celebration of world renowned supermodel Cindy Crawford’s new book, “BECOMING,” 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach hosted a cocktail party with Casamigos Tequila signature cocktails eighteen stories above Collins Avenue at 1 Rooftop. “Miami will always hold a special place to Rande and I. Every time we come back we look forward to visiting the new restaurants, developments, designer stores and more that seem to be popping up every day here,” says Crawford about her stop here in Miami. The celebration was in cooperation with Meaningful Beauty, Crawford’s skin care line founded over a decade ago with Dr. Sebagh with the goal of creating skin care products that contained quality ingredients but would also be affordable for any skin care budget. Each guest received a gift bag with a “BECOMING” bookmark signed by Crawford, a Casamigos Tequila t-shirt and mini Casamigos Tequila bottles in a burlap tote provided by 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach.

Guests included supermodel Cindy Crawford and husband and Casamigos Tequila owner Rande Gerber, Discovery Land Company CEO, Mike Meldman, supermodel Karolina Kurkova, Oribe Canales, Crawford’s co-author Katherine O’Leary, Best Buddies Florida Founder Anthony Shriver and wife Alina Shriver, Eunice Shriver, Casa Tua owner, Miky Grendene, Ugo Colombo, Dr. Melissa Lazarus, SH Group Head of Brand, Kane Sarhan, 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach managing director, Phil Dailey, Douglas Elliman’s Eloy Carmenate, Dr. Leah Glaser, Fernanda Domit, Susanne Birbragher, Pablo De Ritis, Faena group’s Alicia Goldstein, Casamigos brand manager, Kelly Irvin, Betsie Piussan, The Light Group’s Andrew Sasson, LIV and Story owner, Dave Grutman, WALL owner Nicola Siervo, Nobu’s, Alyssa Delgado, Southern Wine & Spirits CEO, Brad Vassar, Thea Andrews and Jay Wolf,  friends visiting from Toronto, Mark and Ashley Wade, Paul and Stephanie Coffey, and Lara Shriftman.

“BECOMING” is a chronicle of American icon and supermodel Cindy Crawford’s life, in which she shares stories of her professional and personal evolution, accompanied by her most iconic images, as well as never-before-published photographs from her personal archive. On the eve of her fiftieth birthday, Cindy Crawford looks back on a super-nova career and remarkable life. Cindy describes her earliest modeling years and the process of becoming less self-conscious in front of a camera; her reaction when an early agent suggested she remove the mole that would become her trademark; and how her exile from a Chicago studio gave her the courage to “dream big”, move to New York, and learn to own her power in a business that has been known to infantilize women. Cindy also gives us an account of her entrepreneurial accomplishments, and shares her observations on our youth-obsessed culture. The reader will be inspired to read about Cindy’s determination to create positive messages about a healthy body image that she knew would reach women of all ages; her feelings about marriage and motherhood; her thoughts on this milestone birthday, and what she would tell her younger self if she had the chance.

Debuted March 2015, 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach sits eighteen stories above South Beach’s iconic Collins Avenue on 600 feet of pristine beach front. The hotel’s design is completely inspired by nature, from the graceful twist of driftwood furnishings to the ever-present sounds of the ocean and abundance of living natural material. Amenities include four ocean view pools, outstanding restaurants and bars including Tom Collichio’s Beachcraft, The Sand Box, and the lobby bar Tom on Collins, 1 Rooftop, South Beach’s largest rooftop pool and lounge, where guests can enjoy lunch or dinner while enjoying live music Thursday through Sunday. Additionally, the second SoulCycle studio to open in Miami will be opening at 1 Hotel South Beach in December, and Spartan Training’s first ever hotel training gym is set to open next year. The property also includes 155 branded residences in collaboration with LeFrak where residents are encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle living concept centered around nature and sustainability, living well and living smart with no sacrifice.

1-Rande Gerber & Cindy Crawford 2_new

Rande Gerber & Cindy Crawford

2-Cindy Crawford 1_new

Cindy Crawford

Miami will always hold a special place to Rande and I. Every time we come back we look forward to visiting the new restaurants, developments, designer stores and more that seem to be popping up every day here.

Cindy Crawford

3 - Cindy Crawford & Karolina Kurkova_new

Cindy Crawford & Karolina Kurkova

3.5 - Cindy Crawford & Oribe Canales_new

Cindy Crawford & Oribe Canales


Rande Gerber & Oribe Canales

3.5b-Rande Gerber, Karolina Kurkova, & Oribe Canales_new

Rande Gerber, Karolina Kurkova, & Oribe Canales

4 - Rande Gerber, Mike Meldman, & Cindy Crawford 1_new

 Rande Gerber, Mike Meldman, & Cindy Crawford




4.8-Phil Dailey & Mike Meldman 1_new

Phil Dailey & Mike Meldman

5-Alina, Anthony, & Eunice Shriver_new

Alina, Anthony, & Eunice Shriver

6 - Alina Shriver, Anthony Shriver, Cindy Crawford, & Rande Gerber 1_new

Alina & Anthony Shriver, Cindy Crawford, & Rande Gerber


Nicola Siervo, David Grutman, Rande Gerber, & Oribe Canales

7-Miky Grendene & Mike Meldman_new

Miky Grendene & Mike Meldman

8-Katherine O'Leary & Cindy Crawford_new

Katherine O’Leary & Cindy Crawford

9-Kelly Irvin, Rande Gerber, & Cindy Crawford_new

Kelly Irvin, Rande Gerber, & Cindy Crawford

10-Stephanie Coffey, Paul Coffey, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber, Steve Tuchner, & Friend_new

Stephanie & Paul Coffey, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber, & Steve Tuchner

11-Paul & Stephanie Coffey_new

Paul & Stephanie Coffey


13-Alessa Delgado, Vlada Finskaya, Oxana Kyyda, Olga Bahdanava, Jorge Arevalo, Irina Artemova, & Maria Erastova_new

Alessa Delgado, Vlada Finskaya, Oxana Kyyda, Olga Bahdanava, Jorge Arevalo, Irina Artemova, & Maria Erastova

14-Henry Del Campo, Dr. Roberta Del Campo, Eunice Shriver, & Alina Shriver_new

Henry & Roberta Del Campo, Eunice & Alina Shriver

15-Henry Del Campo & Dr. Roberta Del Campo_new

Henry & Roberta Del Campo

16-Rande Gerber & Ellen Gould_new

Rande Gerber & Ellen Gould

Cindy Crawford, Anthony Shriver, & Stephanie Coffey_new

Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber, & Stephanie Coffey

Steve Tuchner, Paul Coffey, & Marc Wade_new

Steve Tuchner, Paul Coffey, & Marc Wade

Seedlings Launch at 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

1-1 DSC_2677

Miami Beach, FL – August 29, 2015 – The newly opened 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach launched its kids’  program, Seedlings, with Rock Basecamp, a kids-only event hosted by Lucas Bacardi Shriftman and Joey Shriver in partnership with the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science and Best Buddies. The event, held at the hotel’s main pool, was kid paradise with animal experiences and exploration of spectrum tubes brought by Frost Science, and activities including rock climbing, seed planting, face painting, cookie decorating and marshmallow making. Light bites by the hotel’s executive chef, Chef Fernando Cruz, were passed and included mini chicken quesadillas and mac n cheese lollipops. A station was set up with fresh carrot juice and snow cones as well as a baby vegetable crudite garden and rice krispy and fruit skewers. 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach made a donation to Best Buddies Florida in the names of guests who attended the event. Seedlings, available for kids 4 to 12 years old, offers kids a camp-like getaway during their vacation. It guides them to an undiscovered world where 1 Hotel South Beach creates a 1 of a kind experience focused on nature. While parents take time for themselves, the hotel makes it their duty to keep seedlings safe and happy while educating them on the beautiful world around us and the importance of taking care of it with fun indoor and outdoor activities and adventures. Activities include nature walks, creating bird seed feeders, seashell art, fun in the sun competitions such as tug of war, and opportunities to participate in cooking classes, planting seeds and “drive-in” movie nights in DIY nature based vehicles made of recycled boxes. The program has full day and half day sessions and offers lunch with a great selection of gluten-free items to please all taste buds and dietary restrictions. 1 Hotel South Beach is the flagship location for the program and the only 1 Hotel with an indoor Basecamp. Seedlings is also available at the recently opened 1 Hotel Central Park.

Guests included hosts Lucas Bacardi Shriftman and Joey Shriver, Lara Shriftman, Best Buddies Florida founder Anthony Shriver and wife Alina Shriver, SH Group Chief Marketing Officer, Kane Sarhan, Eunice Shriver, Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy, Erika & Michel Koopman and kids Jonah and Izzy, Douglas Elliman Florida CEO, Jay Phillip Parker and wife Laura Cresto with kids Shilo and Kaden , Sarita Tabarez and daughter Luna, Terra Group founder David Martin and wife Christy Martin, Jared Shapiro and wife Erica Korman, Jennifer Altman and Adam Rubenstein with kids Sophia and Jacob, Kim Caceres and son Santino Casini, Bruno Almeida and wife Jaqueline Barrantes with son Dylan Barrantes, Jonathan Shriftman, Maddy Marr and daughter Scarlett, Fred & Monique Gonzalez with daughter Marisa, Dale Bornstein, Jennifer Vance with daughters Tyler and Lauren, Chris & Jennifer McShane with daughter Riley, Melissa Lazarus and Sara Liss.






7-Fernando Cruz

Fernando Cruz

8-Lara Shriftman & Lucas Bacardi Shriftman

Lara & Lucas Bacardi Shriftman

9-Lucas Bacardi Shriftman & Friend

Jonah Koopman & Lucas Bacardi Shriftman

10-Lucas Bacardi Shriftman & Friends

Jonah Koopman, Lucas Bacardi Shriftman, & Monroe Maercks

11-Shilo Parker

Shilo Parker


13.2-Sarita Tabarez & Daughter

Sarita & Luna Tabarez

13.3-Sarita Tabarez & Daughter 1

13.5-Kaden, Shilo, Jay, & Laura Parker

Kaden, Shilo, Jay Parker, & Laura Cresto

14-Jacqueline Barrantes, Melissa Lazarus, & Families

Dylan & Jacqueline Barrantes & Melissa Lazarus

15-Joey Shriver, Kane Sarhan, & Lucas Bacardi Shriftman

Joey Shriver, Kane Sarhan, & Lucas Bacardi Shriftman

16-Lucas Bacardi Shriftman & Friend 3

Monroe Maercks & Lucas Bacardi Shriftman

17-Harlan Reinhardt, Dale Bornstein, & Son

Harlan & Carson Reinhardt, & Dale Bornstein

17.1-Jennifer McShane, Jennifer Vance, Chris McShane, & Family

Jennifer McShane, Jennifer, Tyler, Lauren Vance, Chris & Riley McShane

17.2-Sara Liss & Family

Sara Liss

17.5-Erika Koopman & Son

Erika & Jonah Koopman

18-Christina Martin, David Martin, & Son

Christy & David Martin

19-Jennifer Altman, Adam Rubinstein, & Family 1

Jennifer, Jacob, & Sophia Altman, & Adam Rubinstein

20-Eunice Shriver, Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy, & Alina Shriver

Eunice Shriver, Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy, & Alina Shriver


23-Lucas Bacardi Shriftman & Joey Shriver 1

Lucas Bacardi Shriftman & Joey Shriver

24-Lucas Bacardi Shriftman & Joey Shriver 2





v-Michel Koopman, Isabella Koopman, Erika Koopman, & Jonathan Shriftman 1

Michael, Isabella, & Erika Koopman, & Jonathan Shriftman

x-Santino Casini & Kim Caceres

Santino Casini & Kim Caceres

y-Erika, Isabella, & Michel Koopman 1

Erika, Jonah, Isabella, & Michel Koopman

yz-Maddy & Scarlett Marr

Maddy & Scarlett Marr


Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Gala

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

1-Don Shula & Emilio Estefan_new

Don Shula & Emilio Estefan

Miami Beach, FL – May 9, 2015 – More than 1,200 guests joined the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce to honor local leaders and celebrate at the Chamber’s 93rd annual Dinner Gala and Silent Auction. Celebrating 100 years of business in Miami Beach, the event honored 5 pillars of the community and party goers enjoyed an entertaining evening with an auction, dinner, dancing and much more. The evening’s festivities were hosted by media personality Tara Solomon and Michael S. Goldberg SVP of Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust, who introduced videos of the honorees and were joined by Chamber CEO & President Jerry Libbin in presenting the awards. The program was opened by performances by world renowned DJ Irie, local songstress Maryel Epps and child prodigy Biana Pinchuk. After walking the red carpet, guests and celebrities, including Bruce Weber, Daymond John and Gloria and Emilio Estefan, enjoyed international fare and sipped signature Bacardi beverages. Guests were able to bid, electronically via BidPal, on more than 300 silent auction items. Guests also participated in an exciting live auction for items such as a one-year lease of a Land Rover from Warren Henry; travel package to the MTV Movie Awards courtesy of Viacom, Baha Mar trip for six and a commissioned are piece by renowned artist Havi Schanz, which was sold with help John. Guests continued the evening in true Miami Beach style at the “Party Through The Decades” After Party hosted by City National Bank where guests filmed Slow Motion Videos and danced the night away to a live DJ.

2-Emilio Estefan, Don Shula, & Gloria Estefan_new

Emilio Estefan, Don Shula, & Gloria Estefan

3-Bernie Yuman, Nan Bush, & Bruce Weber 1_new

Bernie Yuman, Nan Bush, & Bruce Weber

4-Daymond John_new

Daymond John

6-Nathan, Jessica, Diane, & Alan Lieberman_new

Nathan, Jessica, Diane, & Alan Lieberman

7-Jimmy, Stanley, Joni, Linda & Stanley Jr Tate_new

Jimmy, Stanley, Joni, Linda, & Stanley Jr. Tate

8 -Bernie Yuman, Candace Yuman, Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan, & Friend 1_new

Bernie & Candace Yuman, Gloria & Emilio Estefan

8.5-Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg_new

Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg



12-Alfredo J Gonazlez, Steven Rodriguez, Mariacelia Blandon, & Alan Randolph_new

Alfredo J Gonazlez, Steven Rodriguez, Mariacelia Blandon, & Alan Randolph

13 -Lauren & Ron Book_new

Lauren & Ron Book

13.2-Don Shula & Maryel Epps_new

Don Shula & Maryel Epps

13.3-Nan Bush & Bruce Webber_new

Nan Bush & Bruce Weber

13.4-Emilio Estefan & Gloria Estefan1_new

Emilio & Gloria Estefan

13.5-Alina Shriver & Bernie Yuman_new

Alina Shriver & Bernie Yuman

14-Bernie Yuman, Daymond John, & Edith & Joel Newman_new

Bernie Yuman, Daymond John, Edith & Joel Newman

15-Carlos Jimenez, Evelyn & Keith Menin_new

Carlos Jimenez, Evelyn & Keith Menin

16 -Michael & Lana Bernstein, Mariacelia Blandon, & Alfredo J Gonzalez_new

Michael & Lana Bernstein, Mariacelia Blandon, & Alfredo J Gonzalez

16.5-Johnny Chavez, Leann Standish, Tara Solomon, & Nick D'Annunzio_new

Johnny Chavez, Leann Standish, Tara Solomon, & Nick D’Annunzio

17 -Nick D'Annunzio & Tara Solomon_new

Nick D’Annunzio & Tara Solomon

17.5-DJ Irie_new

DJ Irie




21.5-Stanley Tate & Emilio Estefan2_new

Stanley Tate & Emilio Estefan

22-Tara Solomon & Emilio Estefan4_new

Tara Solomon & Emilio Estefan

23-Tara Solomon & Gloria Estefan3_new

Tara Solomon & Gloria Estefan

24-Maryel Epps - LIVE5_new

Maryel Epps

25-Maryel Epps - LIVE_new

26 -DSC_8950_new


27-Bernie Yuman & Daymond John5_new

Bernie Yuman, Jerry Libbin, & Daymond John

28-Daymond John Speaking & Jeffery Greene5_new

Daymond John & Jeffery Greene

29-Bernie Yuman Speaking5_new

Bernie Yuman

30 -George Gonzalez Speaking11_new

George Gonzalez

30.4 -DSC_8971_new

30.4 -Jessica Lieberman, Diane Lieberman, & Alan Lieberman1_new

Jessica, Diane, & Alan Lieberman

30.4a-Nathan Lieberman & Jessica Lieberman1_new

Nathan & Jessica Lieberman

30.5-34.6-Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg Speaking15_new

Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg

31-Gloria Estefan & Emilio Estefan Speaking14_new

Gloria & Emilio Estefan

32-Gloria Estefan & Emilio Estefan Speaking27_new

33-Gloria & Emilio Estefan speaking 3_new

34 -Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg speaking copy_new

Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg 

34.5-Tara Solomon & Michael Goldberg speaking1_new

35-Jerry Libbin speaking2_new

Jerry Libbin

36 -Jerry Libbin speaking_new

36.5-Jessica Lieberman, Diane Lieberman, Nathan Lieberman, & Alan Lieberman4_new

Jessica, Diane, Nathan, & Alan Lieberman

37-Diane Lieberman, Jessica Lieberman, Alan Lieberman, & Nathan Lieberman8_new

Diane, Jessica, Alan, & Nathan Lieberman

38-Rabbi Gary Glickstein Speaking9_new

Rabbi Gary Glickstein

39 -Tara Solomon, Michael Goldberg, Rabbi Gary Glickstein, Sherry Roberts, & Robin Jacobs5_new

Tara Solomon, Michael Goldberg, Rabbi Gary Glickstein, Sherry Roberts, & Robin Jacobs

39.5-Bob Best, Andy Best, Sandy Tate, Linda Best, Kenny Tate, Joni Tate, Jimmy Tate, Stanley Tate, Megan Tate, Jordyn Tate, Erin Tate, Jackie Tate, & Janie Tate5_new

Bob & Andy Best, Sandy Tate, Linda Best, Kenny, Joni, Jimmy, Stanley, Megan, Jordyn, Erin, Jackie & Janie Tate

40-Tara Solomon, Nathan Lieberman, Jessica Lieberman, Alan Lieberman, Diane Lieberman, Sherry Roberts, Robin Jacobs, & Michael Goldberg11_new

Tara Solomon, Nathan, Jessica, Alan, & Diane Lieberman, Sherry Roberts, Robin Jacobs, & Michael Goldberg

42-Bernie Yuman, Sherry Roberts, & Jacob Roberts_new

Bernie Yuman, Sherry, & Jacob Roberts

43-Bernie Yuman & Valerie Roy1_new

Bernie Yuman & Valerie Roy

44 -Alan Lieberman, Diane Lieberman, Nathan Lieberman, & Jessica Lieberman1_new

Alan, Diane, Nathan, & Jessica Lieberman

44.5-Michael & Christine Grieco_new

Michael & Christine Grieco

45-Ino Halegua & Michael Gongora_new

Ino Halegua & Michael Gongora

46 -Marc Lippman & Julia Ford Carther_new

Marc Lippman & Julia Ford Carther

46.5-Robin Jacobs, Rabbi Gary Glickstein, & Sherry Roberts_new

Robin Jacobs, Rabbi Gary Glickstein, & Sherry Roberts

47-Maryel Epps & DJ Irie_new

Maryel Epps & DJ Irie





52-Maria Guadamuz, Katherine Hernandez, Manal Tarhini, & Alicia Pardey_new

Maria Guadamuz, Katherine Hernandez, Manal Tarhini, & Alicia Pardey






58-Dustin Symes, Steven Rodriguez Mato, & Olivia Symes_new

Dustin Symes, Steven Rodriguez Mato, & Olivia Symes

59 -DSC_1719_new

59.5-Melanie Tillbrook_new

Melanie Tillbrook & Marc Megna

60 -Crystal Hendricks, Melanie Tillbrook, Carmela Owens, Alexia Ayars, & Damaris Aguilar_new

Crystal Hendricks, Melanie Tillbrook, Carmela Owens, Alexia Ayars, & Damaris Aguilar

60.5-David Pulley & Stephen Macricostas_new

David Pulley & Stephen Macricostas

61-Steven Rodriguez, Joy Malakoff, & Alan Randolph_new

Steven Rodriguez, Joy Malakoff, & Alan Randolph



Matthew Whitman Lazenby Hosts Bal Harbour Magazine Spring Issue & Website Launch Dinner at Bal Harbour Shops

Monday, March 16th, 2015

4-Matthew Whitman Lazenby and Kristin Arbuckle Lazenby

Matthew Whitman Lazenby & Kristin Arbuckle Lazenby

Bal Harbour, FL – March 18, 2015 – Matthew Whitman Lazenby, third generation leader of Bal Harbour Shops and President and CEO of Whitman Family Development, hosted a small, intimate dinner in the center courtyard of Bal Harbour Shops to celebrate the launch of the Bal Harbour magazine spring 2015 issue and the new This is one of many Bal Harbour Shops events taking place throughout 2015 to celebrate the Shops’ milestone 50th anniversary. Invited guests included Randy Whitman, Kristen Arbuckle Lazenby, Nan Bush, Anthony & Alina Shriver, Eunice Shriver, Eddie & Kinga Lampert, Walid & Susie Wahab, Blaine Trump & Steve Simon, Kate Betts & Chip Brown, Marci Klein, Scott Murphy, Fred Gradin, Chef Lorena Garcia, fashion designer Naeem Khan, Sarah Harrelson, George Lindeman, Monika Kalpakian, Suzanne & Mark Cohon, Lara Shriftman, Cheryl Stephenson, Stephanie Sayfie, Lisa Sayfie, Paul & Jeannine Leher, Fabian & Martina Basabe, Tiffany & Andrew Markofsky, Pablo Alfaro, Carolyn Travis and Bal Harbour magazine publisher Carlos & Lori Suarez. Guests enjoyed a three-course dinner and sipped Casamigos Spicy Jalapeno Cucumber Margaritas in the tropical, open-air setting. They each received personalized gift bags containing Aesop skin care products, gift cards from GEE Beauty and Red Market Salon for beauty services, SoCozy shampoo and an advanced copy of Bal Harbour magazine.

The new issue features Russian supermodel Anna Selezneva on its cover and includes articles written by some of the fashion industry’s most talented writers, including Vogue’s contributing editor Lynn Yaeger and Kate Betts who will be releasing her new book, “My Paris Dream” later this spring. 100,000 copies of the bi-annual magazine is distributed to a targeted list of high-net worth individuals throughout select metropolitan areas in the U.S. It is now available for the first time in a digital format where visitors can flip through the magazine’s pages on any desktop, tablet or smartphone at The website’s sleek redesign provides unique content experience for online visitors with four new editorial articles every week and exclusive interviews with industry influencers, providing insider news and the latest fashion content about what’s happening in fashion as well as what’s happening at Bal Harbour Shops. It also gives visitors a look into special limited edition items only available at Bal Harbour Shops.

5-Matthew Whitman Lazenby & Randy Whitman

Matthew Whitman Lazenby & Randy Whitman

6-Alina Shriver & Sarah Harrelson

Alina Shriver & Sarah Harrelson

7-Alina, Anthony, & Eunice Shriver

Alina, Anthony, & Eunice Shriver

7.5-Eunice & Anthony Shriver

Eunice & Anthony Shriver

8-Blaine Trump & Kate Betts

Blaine Trump & Kate Betts

9-Jeaninne Lehr, Lorena Garcia, Carolyn Travis, & Paul Lehr

Jeaninne Lehr, Lorena Garcia, Carolyn Travis, & Paul Lehr

9.2-Paul & Jeaninne Lehr, Lorena Garcia & Carolyn Travis

Paul & Jeaninne Lehr, Lorena Garcia, & Carolyn Travis

10-Carlos & Lori Suarez

Carlos & Lori Suarez

2.5-Casamigos Spicy Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita

12-Matthew Whitman Lazenby, third generation leader of Bal Harbour Shops, hosted an intimate dinner in Bal Harbour Shops

9.5-Jeannine & Paul Lehr, & Nan Bush

Jeannine & Paul Lehr, & Nan Bush

14-Matthew Whitman Lazenby, Kristin Arbuckle Lazenby, Carolyn Travis, & Randy Whitman

Matthew Whitman Lazenby, Kristin Arbuckle Lazenby, Carolyn Travis, & Randy Whitman

16-Lisa Sayfie, Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard, Alina Shriver, Monika Kalpakian, & Suzie Wahab

Lisa Sayfie, Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard, Alina Shriver, Monika Kalpakian, & Suzie Wahab

15-Carolyn Travis, Kristin Arbuckle Lazenby, Matthew Whitman Lazenby, Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard, & Lisa Sayfie

Carolyn Travis, Kristin Arbuckle Lazenby, Matthew Whitman Lazenby, Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard, & Lisa Sayfie

18-Matthew Whitman Lazenby, third generation leader of Bal Harbour Shops, hosted an intimate dinner in Bal Harbour Shops (2)

20-Naeem Khan & Suzie Wahab

Naeem Khan & Suzie Wahab

22-Matthew Whitman Lazenby, third generation leader of Bal Harbour Shops, hosted an intimate dinner in Bal Harbour Shops (5)

24-Fabian & Martina Basabe

Fabian & Martina Basabe

25-Mark & Suzanne Cohon

Mark & Suzanne Cohon

25.5-Suzie Wahab, Kinga Lampert, & Monika Kalpakian

Suzie Wahab, Kinga Lampert, & Monika Kalpakian

25.6-Walid & Susie Wahab, Nan Bush, & Pablo Alfaro

Walid & Susie Wahab, Nan Bush, & Pablo Alfaro

26-Steve Simon, Blaine Trump, Kate Betts, & Naeem Khan

Steve Simon, Blaine Trump, Kate Betts, & Naeem Khan

27-Naeem Khan, Walid Wahab, & Kinga Lampert, & Andrew Markofsky

Naeem Khan, Walid Wahab, & Kinga Lampert, & Andrew Markofsky

Kinga Lampert, & Andrew & Tiffany Markofsky

Kinga Lampert, Andrew & Tiffany Markofsky

Q&A: Romero Britto x The Prince’s Trust

Thursday, November 20th, 2014


Craig Daivd & Romero Britto

Miami Beach, FL – November 13, 2014 – On Thursday evening, The Prince’s Trust, a youth charity founded by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, collaborated with world-renowned pop artist, Romero Britto, for a silent auction at Romero Britto’s Lincoln Road gallery. The artist auctioned an iconic art creation to benefit disadvantaged young people. The Prince’s Trust helps disadvantaged youth in the United Kingdom, providing professional development opportunities for unemployed young people, in-school programs combating truancy and underachievement, and support for ex-offenders to turn their lives around. Multiple items from event sponsors were auctioned off, including an original painting from Romero Britto, entitled “Royal Crown,” as well as signed lithographs by the Prince of Wales, and dinner at “Their Royal Highnesses” residence at Highgrove. His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, spoke via video message on the importance of supporting young people to overcome huge challenges in their lives to fulfill their potential as young adults. Romero Britto shares a similar mission to that of The Prince’s Trust and is very active in his philanthropic efforts, with a focus on engaging children in arts education and literacy programs. The auction raised vital funds for The Prince’s Trust charity, in conjunction with The Prince of Wales Foundation in the U.S.

We were fortunate enough to snag a moment with Romero Britto himself and chat about everything from his involvement in different organizations, to his own work influences and more.


Craig Daivd & Romero Britto

WRE: Tell us what drew you to work with The Prince’s Trust?

RB: The Prince’s Trust helps disadvantaged youth in the United Kingdom, whether it’s for professional development, in-school programs against truancy, or support for ex-offenders to help them turn their lives around. This is certainly a meaningful project for me to collaborate on, and as an artist, I feel compelled to help with organizations that share a similar mission to my own. Because of that, I am honored to support a charity such as The Prince’s Trust with a phenomenal mission of providing opportunities to underprivileged youth. This initiative enabled me to use my art as a positive agent of change for the youth of today and tomorrow’s future, and share my hope and happiness with the world around me. For that, I am eternally grateful.

WRE: What other charities are you involved in and passionate about? 

RB: There are so many great causes out there today that share a common belief with me, so it’s been difficult to narrow the list. I actually donate my time, art and resources to more than 250 charitable organizations including Best Buddies International, Miami Children’s Hospital and the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, Carlos Slim Foundation, among many others.


Romero Britto

My purpose is to develop a universal language through art, and I aim to evoke happiness and hope using a visual language all my own that is relatable to all.

Romero Britto


Craig Daivd & Romero Britto

WRE: Describe different projects you’ve worked on with charities or the city of Miami? 

RB: Recently, I hosted a paint party for the Miami Children’s Health Foundation, alongside the Miami Children’s Hospital, and enjoyed creating an exclusive piece of art with children who had been hospital patients at one time. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and artistic talents come to life in each of these unique children. Another charity close to my heart is Best Buddies International and I’ve created multiple pieces of my art to be auctioned through this wonderful organization helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

WRE: How does being from Brazil influence your work and how have you fused influences from your past with your present home in Miami? 

RB: Brazil is a country with so much ethnic diversity and it’s a fascinating situation to grow up in. The Carnival, and the other dynamic cultural events and experiences that go on all over Brazil are an amazing source of inspiration to me. There is so much color and life to Brazil, and of course Miami, and it’s become a big part of what I look to evoke in my designs.  I find my inspiration all around me – anything that impacts my sensibilities serves as inspiration for my work.

WRE: How do you approach work differently when it will be presented on a larger scale such as a mural, as opposed to work on a small scale such as a simple item a tourist can take home with them as a memento from Miami?

RB: All are meaningful to me. The same of Energy and passion goes into each piece, regardless of the size. All pass on a message to someone and all are important


WRE: What is the biggest message you want fans to take away from your work? 

RB: My purpose is to develop a universal language through art and I aim to evoke happiness and hope using a visual language all my own that is relatable to all. I want to share my work with millions of people around the world to help and inspire.

WRE: Is there a specific brand you would like to collaborate with that you haven’t collaborated with already?

RB: I have had the good fortune of working with so many international and recognizable brands over the course of my career including Audi, Bentley, Coca-Cola, Disney, Evian and Absolut Vodka, just to name a few. I’ve always had high hopes of rounding out my portfolio with some high-end brands that have become synonymous with luxury and class such as Mouton De Rothschild, Dom Perignon and Hermes, not to mention my favorite designer, Dolce & Gabanna. Those are all collaborations that I look forward to in the future!


WRE: Are there any exciting projects on the horizon that we can look forward to?

RB: To be honest, all of my projects have been exciting!  In fact, when you have such a passion for your work, and enjoy spreading love and happiness to the world through my art, it’s no wonder that every new challenge and project that I embark on ends up being an exciting one for me. There are just too many recent projects to name and I should be lucky enough that my days could last 48 hours. I have recently collaborated with Hello Kitty to help celebrate the 40th birthday of the brand by creating a hand-crafted design of the icon herself, dressed in vibrant patterns and colors. I also have enjoyed creating a line of colorful and playful dream wear for Recco’s joyful and vibrant customers. I will also be making appearance alongside my art at Galerie Mensing’s Berlin and Munich galleries in Germany this December for all to enjoy.

WRE: If you could describe your work as a landscape what would it be? 

RB: Provence, France is one of my all-time favorite places to travel and a true inspiration to my art – between the rich history, beautiful landscape, vibrant colors of the Mediterranean, the picturesque rivers and the mountains, there is so much to stimulate my creativity in this gorgeous region. The simplicity of the area is very special to me and just kind of takes over and allows me to be creative with my work in a unique way, every time.



Micky Arison & Romero Britto


Micky & Madeleine Arison, & Romero Britto


Micky & Madeleine Arison, Romero Britto, Martina Milburn, Barth & Kathy Green


Micky Arison & Jeff Berkowitz


Ashley Elliot, Marietta & Ken Harte, Charles Mejjati, & Orianne Collins


Jeff Berkowitz & Romero Britto


Alina Shriver, Romero Britto, Mily & Raul De Molina


Alina Shriver, Colin Watson, & Arlene Chaplin


Al Magnatta, Christina Campagna, Arnie Dzelzkalns, & Maria Dao


Craig David & Mathew Campbell


Mathew Campbell, Craid David, Martina Milburn, & Romero Britto




Romero Britto





Romero Britto & Martina Milburn


Craig David, Martina Milburn, & Romero Britto


Craig David, Romero Britto, & Martina Milburn


Romero Britto



Martina Milburn


Dan Moskovitz, Romero Britto, Martina Milburn, & Thomas Abraham


Barth & Kathy Green






Gary & Dana Shear, Beth & Richard Tasca


Justin Jones, Tima Hervas, Christian Wardle, Catherine R Molson, & Dina Ansaldi


Thomas Abraham, Barth Green, Katherine Davis, Kathy Green, & Eduardo Martinez


David & Tiffany Prodger, Tima Hervas, & Justin Jones


David Prodger, Mathew Campbell, & Tiffany Prodger


Daniel Crowley & Amethyst Paw


Katie Mayers, Sarah Haidry, & Mathew Campbell



Linda Coll, Romero Britto, & Anthony Shriver


Linda Coll, Romero Britto, Thomas Abraham, & Anthony Shriver


Jeff Berkowitz, Micky Arison, & Romero Britto


Alina Shriver & Romero Britto

Britto Barbie Doll Launch with Mattel at Britto Central Gallery

Friday, May 16th, 2014


Miami, FL – May 15, 2014 – Last night, Barbie fans came from all over to join world renowned artist Romero Britto to celebrate the launch of the new BRITTO Barbie doll at his Miami gallery. After painting a portrait of Barbie in 2006 he envisioned bringing his masterpiece to life and his aspirations have become a reality with this special edition Barbie doll. It only seemed fitting that the Brazilian artist would be chosen to represent his country with the fabulous barbie doll. With a football to kick around, this doll is ready to burst onto the scene and celebrate two of Brazil’s national treasures — football and Britto’s iconic pop art!



Romero Britto


This has been an incredible experience, and incredible journey as well to be collaborating with Mattel, working on this iconic doll, Barbie, who I love.

Romero Britto




Anthony Shriver, Alina Shriver, Romero Britto, & Lizzy Frost


Romero Britto


When I was a kid, I used dream a lot. I think it’s so important to dream. That’s one thing that a toy should be able to do; inspire someone to dream about what they’re going to do.

Romero Britto




For me it’s a dream come true. I know Barbie is super excited and I’m excited with her.

Romero Britto








Alina Shriver & Romero Britto


Romero Britto





Lizzy Frost


Romero Britto & Lizy Frost


Orianne Mejjati, Romero Britto, & Charles Mejjati



Romero Britto


Orianne Mejjati & Romero Britto


Brendan Britto



Romero Britto


Colin Watson, Romero Britto, & Patti Evers


Romero Britto, Lizy Frost, & Anthony Shriver


Colin Watson, Alina Shriver, Romero Britto, Lizzy Frost, & Anthony Shriver


Romero Britto



Romero Britto & Colin Watson


Colin Watson & Romero Britto


Romero Britto & Jen Frie


Charles & Orianne Mejjati


Lisa Porush, Alina Shriver, Michael Rodriguez, & Patti Evers


Romero Britto & Brendan Britto


Hublot & Pelé Bring “Hublot Loves Football” Global Campaign to Miami

Monday, April 28th, 2014


Ricardo Guadalupe, Pelé, & Romero Britto

Miami, FL – April 28, 2014 – Art, fashion and sports collided at Romero Britto’s Wynwood Studio yesterday for the US debut of Hublot’s “Official Watch” of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – the Big  Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chronograph. Brand ambassador and soccer icon, Pelé, joined Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and artist Romero Britto for the “Hublot Loves Football” campaign’s only American stop. Romero Britto unveiled his specially designed boxes, which will hold each of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil watches. Each football-shaped sculpture was constructed and decorated by Britto himself, the FIFA  Ambassador for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

As a Brazilian artist and long time fan of Pelé, Britto was honored to be a part of the global campaign. Hublot, the Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, Hublot wanted to add an artistic touch to the brand and it was a perfect match with Britto. Also a natural fit for the brand, Pelé said “Hublot has always been a part of my life, the time is important to playing football, and the ball has given me everything. It’s the perfect combination.”


Romero Britto, Ricardo Guadalupe, & Pelé



Romero Britto & Pelé

Pelé is not only an ambassador, he’s a god.

Romero Britto


Pelé & Romero Britto






Hublot has always been a part of my life, the time is important to playing football, and the ball has given me everything. It’s the perfect combination.




Romero Britto



Hublot’s symbol for the FIFA World Cup is a football painted and decorated by the renowned artist Romero Britto.


Pelé & Romero Britto



The portrait of Pelé, the King of Football, reveals his kindness and attests to a strength and fitness extraordinary for his age.


Romero Britto & Pelé


Romero Britto


Romero Britto & Pelé


Romero Britto




Ricardo Guadalupe, Pelé, & Romero Britto




Ricardo Guadalupe, Pelé, Romero Britto, & Roxanne Vargas


Pelé, Romero Britto, & Roxanne Vargas


Ricardo Guadalupe, Pelé, & Romero Britto





Ricardo Guadalupe, Pelé, & Romero Britto





This is the first Hublot timepiece ever produced with a bi-retrograde function along with a central chronograph. This mechanical movement, entirely adapted for soccer fans, allows for the watch to be used to time each half of a game and even can track overtime.


There are two versions: an 18K King Gold model with carbon fiber bezel, limited to just 100 pieces, and a black ceramic version, also with a carbon fiber bezel, limited to 200 numbered pieces.



Both versions of the watch carry the official logo, on the transparent sapphire crystal back, showcasing the brand’s UNICO manufacture movement.














Pelé & Roxanne Vargas





Pelé & Roxanne Vargas


Romero Britto, Roxanne Vargas, & Pelé


Alina Shriver, Romero Britto, & Pelé


Romero Britto, Alina Shriver, & Pelé


Alina Shriver & Romero Britto


Romero Britto, Jared Shapiro, & Pelé


Trey Mourning, Romero Britto, & Ricardo Guadalupe


Jared Shapiro & Romero Britto


Pelé, Jared Shapiro, & Romero Britto


Ricardo Guadalupe, Romero Britto, & Pelé



Romero Britto & Pelé


Ricardo Guadalupe & Romero Britto

Ultra 2014 Day 2 – Seth

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014


Miami, FL – March 30, 2014 – Tiesto’s memorable closing set from the night before was still fresh on everyone’s minds as they woke up on Saturday ready to take on day two of Ultra Music Festival. Although the weather seemed to be a bit questionable throughout the day, no one was letting that stop them from raging to another day full of nonstop music. Take a look as we bring you to the Main Stage, one of the youngest headliner DJs in the business Martin Garrix took over the afternoon, while huge acts like Nicky Romero, Krewella, and Alesso brought the ravers into the night. Just as Above & Beyond hit the decks, Miami’s unpredictable weather brought in a short rainstorm that forced the duo to take cover and complete their set from behind the stage. Although the Ultra goers had a little rain on their parade, the crowd seemed extra fueled by the refreshing shower, raging harder than ever. Initially Avicii was scheduled to close the night off, but unfortunately he had come under the weather and was unable to perform. Leave it to UMF to find the perfect way to make it up to the fans as they found a undeniably awesome replacement. The mau5 himself  came in to save the day, delivering one of the biggest sets yet. The sweet beats had the rambunctious crowd going insane, even playing a short tribute to Avicii with a mashup of Ghosts N Stuff and Levels. The high energy could be felt from miles away as deadmua5’s set came to a close and there was not a frown in sight as party goers savored the last moments of the day 2 debauchery.




Anthony & Maria Shriver


Nicky Romero & Alesso


Above & Beyond & Armin Van Buuren

2.6-DSC_7824-Scooer braun & joel zimmerman

Scooter Braun, Dean Wilson, & Joel Zimmerman


Scooter Braun, Martin Garrix, & Eelko Van Kooten


Wyclef Jean


Russell Faibisch, Wyclef Jean, Charlie Faibisch, Ash Pournouri, & Adam Russakoff


Krewella & Nicky Romero





Martin Garrix


Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix, & Like Mike


Like Mike, Martin Garrix, & Dimitri Vegas


Martin Garrix





Martin Garrix





Russell Faibisch


Martin Garrix & Russell Faibisch


Adam Russakoff & Paul Morris


Like Mike & Dimitri Vegas





















Adam Russakoff & Hardwell



Hardwell & Manny Zelaya


 Matt Colon


 Tokyo Diva & Clif Loftin


Nicky Romero





Nicky Romero





Nicky Romero





Nicky Romero


 Michael Dreiling


Debbie Castaneda, David Grutman, & Alissa Schiraldi


Alissa Schiraldi & Debbie Castaneda


David Grutman & Damian Pinto


David Grutman & Alesso
























Alina, Anthony, Maria, & Christopher Shriver





Above & Beyond





Above & Beyond