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Red Bull Guest House – OWSLA & Body High

Friday, March 29th, 2013

OWSLA Pool Party

Miami Beach, FL – March 22, 2013 – Day 2 of the Red Bull Guest House at the Dream South Beach featured a showcase from OWSLA, the label owned by Skrillex, so everyone knew it was bound to be the best pool party to go to on Friday. The rooftop pool was packed as tons of dubstep fans gathered around the DJ booth to see Skrillex’s set with Alvin Risk. Even actress Michelle Rodriguez couldn’t resist the awesome party, who was in town enjoying all the WMC and Ultra fun. From DJs to artists to celebrities, this was one party that had it all going on.


Alvin Risk & Skrillex

Alvin Risk & Skrillex

Michelle Rodriguez

Alvin Risk & Skrillex

Alvin Risk & Skrillex

Alvin Risk & Skrillex

Alex Metric

Jack Beats

Typoe & Asif Farooq

David Heartbreak

Mel Debarge

DJ MOS, Johnny The Boy, & Mel Debarge

Jason Odio & Carleen Laronn

Jena Luckman & Montana Tucker

Johnny The Boy & Mel Debarge

Mel Debarge & Kirill

Max Pierre, Elizabeth Wright, & Adam Risolia

Stormy Suarez & Kristen Castillo

Body High Breakfast

Miami Beach, FL – March 23, 2013 – As day made its way to night, the pool party winded down and everyone headed Downtown to rage at Day 1 of Weekend 2 at Ultra. From there, it’s on to the next party or club, and Red Bull knows that it’s all about keeping the party going, so they had a special “breakfast” at the very early morning hours. From Friday through Sunday, starting at 3:30am and going as late at 7am, the Red Bull Guest House was a “come one, come all” place for party people and DJs to enjoy a sunrise breakfast with a side of beats. Saturday morning’s after party was programmed by Body High Records, the LA-based label run by Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL, who were the DJs for the morning madness. It was the perfect place to refuel on Red Bull and get energized for the next day.

Samo Sound Boy & Jerome LOL

Troy Kurtz & Ruen

Adam Risolia & Elizabeth Wright

Kirill, Rony Alwin, & Bronques

Alex Metric at Mansion

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Miami Beach, FL – August 10, 2012 – Alex Metric slipped into Mansion Saturday night, taking the crowd to another level of musical enjoyment. Though Metric’s demeanor was calm and collected, his heavy hits impressed the South Beach crowd and left them wanting more.

Alex Metric

Alex Metric

Lex Hernandez & Stephanie Smolski

Jeremy Spund

Lex Hernandez, Xenia Baque, Daniella Frigenti, & Jeremy Spund

Alex Metric

Jess Cope & Alli Hagan

Tera Greenberg & Dana Davidson

Marissa Gould

Najib Elmrasi & Marko

Lex Hernandez & Frankie Flux

Alex Metric

Alex Metric at LIV

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Miami Beach, FL – September 28, 2011 – Alex Metric is not your average DJ and everyone who has had the pleasure of hearing him perform a set knows it. Metric takes what most DJ’s would call “underground” or “house” music and transform it into a customized, personalized performance that appeals to more than just passionate house music followers. With a claim of being the most widespread DJ in terms of music used, Metric blatantly demonstrated his ability to stir a crowd with his set at LIV at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. As the crowd danced and sparkled, Metric performed with supplements from Ross One & Amtrac creating the perfect set for the perfect night!

Alex Metric

Jimmy Greenup

Michelle Dunn & Kelley Marchette

Malin Svensson & Marko Gojanovic

Alexandra Gurevitz & Veronica Gessa

Jessica Aiello

Emily Rosati & Jessica Aiello

Amtrac & Alexys Serrins

Kelley Marchette

Michelle Dunn

Stephanie U & Kylie Cohen

Andrea Penalver & Agustina Badino

Jennifer Bond, Purple, & Gaudi Castro

Alex Metric

Amtrac, Alexys Serrins, & Jordan Rabinowitz

Kylie Cohen & Stephanie U

Ross One, Alex Metric, & Amtrac

Ryan Troy

Gina la Bianca & Erica Kozuch

Jimmy Greenup

Karen Benmeleh & Alexys Serrins

Karen Moncada & Teena Pagan

Monte Jen & Jennifer Bond

Nikki Mak & Marko Gojanovic