Deepak Chopra

Miami, FL – February 13, 2017 – Real estate developers Property Markets Group and S2 Development introduced an exclusive collaboration of MIND, BODY and SOUL with world-renowned health expert Dr. Deepak Chopra at a private speaking engagement held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Brickell. The event marked the official unveiling of a partnership between Property Markets Group and S2 Development, the experts in luxury living, together with Delos™ and Dr. Deepak Chopra, to offer residents a revolutionary wellness lifestyle. Seven exclusive residences at Muse offer a blend of features focused on three core wellness principles: air, water and light; seamlessly integrated to awaken and restore the residents’ physical and emotional wellbeing in the comfort of their own home. Throughout the event, Delos™ showcased wellness activations that will be found at Muse to give brokers and prospective buyers a first-hand look. Featured activations included: advanced air purification systems, which are automated with sensor technology to remediate compromised air quality; Circadian lighting systems, which help to regulate hormone balance, appetite, sleep, productivity and energy levels; and Automated Wellness Sensors, which continuously monitor the home to help maintain the quality of the indoor environment. Dr. Chopra also addressed practical ways to elevate the mind, body and soul within your life and home. The exclusive partnership will raise the bar for healthy living, creating a first-time experience for home buyers.

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Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra

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