Bal Harbour, FL – February 12, 2017 – Seventy years of Bal Harbour’s history was celebrated with a concert and fireworks show attended by over two thousand guests. The beach area behind the Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour Hotel was packed with residents and guests who enjoyed live performances by the Palm Beach Symphony Orchestra, Carlos Oliva & Los Sobrinos del Juez, and the New Century Dancers. The crowd was treated to a perfect night of weather including a soft, warm breeze along the Haulover Cut. Mayor Gabriel Groisman was joined by NBC6 Meteorologist Angie Lassman as co-masters of ceremony for the evening. The Mayor recognized his fellow elected leaders for their commitment to public service, including Assistant Mayor Seth Salver, Councilwoman Patricia Cohen, Councilman David Album, and Councilman Jeffrey Freimark, as well as The Village Manager Jorge Gonzalez and all village staff. He also recognized previous elected officials in attendance including former Mayors Martin Packer, Jean Rosenfield, and Sy Roth. Many residents received “selfie sticks” from the village to help capture the fun of the evening on their smart phones. The village communications team was on hand to help several hundred residents follow Bal Harbour’s official social media platforms. Residents were encouraged to use the hash tag “#BALHARBOUR70” to share their images and videos from the event.

David Albaum, Gabriel Groisman, Patricia Cohen, Seth Salver, & Jeffrey Freimark

Seth Salver, Jaime Sanz, Gabriel Groisman, Martin Packer, & Patricia Cohen

Richard Weiss, Ramiro Inguanzo, Gabriel Groisman, Seth Salver, & Jorge Gonzalez

Sy Roth, Gabriel Groisman, Jean Rosenfield, & Martin Packer

Adam Vangel, Angie lassman, Ramiro Inguanzo, Gabriel Groisman, & Seth Salver

David Albaum, Gabriel Groisman, Susan Trevarthen, & Camilo Mejia

Gabriel Groisman, Angie lassman, & Ramiro Inguanzo

Richard & Jaclyn Weiss

Richard Weiss & David Albaum

Barri Marmor & Iris Egozi

Aloisio Kreischer & Laurie Gilbert

Cori Mizrahi & Luke Wolfson

Kat Gitz & Kevin White

Stuart, Lori & Emilie Sobel

Martin & Susan Packer, Anna & David Kwiat

Chani Lipskar, Rabbi Sholom, & Gabriel Groisman

Tricia Dade

Gabriel Groisman

Angie lassman & Gabriel Groisman

Angie lassman

Angie lassman & Gabriel Groisman

Jeffrey Freimark, Patricia Cohen, & Jorge Gonzalez

Seth Salver, David Albaum, Jeffrey Freimark, Patricia Cohen, & Jorge Gonzalez

David Albaum, Jeffrey Freimark, Patricia Cohen, & Jorge Gonzalez

Angie lassman, Gabriel Groisman, Seth Salver, David Albaum, Ramiro Inguanzo, Jeffrey Freimark, Patricia Cohen, & Jorge Gonzalez

Iris Egozi & Evy Eichler

Michael Torres, Michele Renee, & Nick Betancourt

Gabriel Groisman, Seth Salver, Jorge Gonzalez, & Ramiro Inguanzo