Fort Lauderdale, FL – February 10 – 12, 2017 – The Swatch Beach Major Series returned to Fort Lauderdale Beach for a second time. This year’s Fort Lauderdale Major offered an unforgettable VIP experience and provided a perfect mixture of sports, entertainment, catering and mingling. VIP guests were able to enjoy the action-packed experience while watching from Center Court, arguably the best seats in the house. During the day VIP guests had access to the Beach Friends Lounge and Beach Majors Club, while the evenings were spent attending the memorable and exclusive Beach Party Nights.


Ryan Tannehill

Ryan & Lauren Tannehill

Leni & Volker Stoll

Volker Stoll

Samantha Rothstein & Monique Gonzalez

Bruce Orosz, Kevin Menk, & Julie Andras

Carlos & Lori Suarez

Lori Suarez & Barbara Landry

Nancy J Moore & Leonardo Rodriguez


Petrina Aguilar & Lisa Goldberg

Maia, Albert, Makeila & Hannemann, Josh Binstock, & Tori Cowley

Steve Shapiro, Lisa Kitei, Ann Burris, & Carl Berkelhammer

Stephanie Toothaker, Kacey Roder, & Tami Ruddy

Wil Shriner, Stephanie Toothaker, & Dolph

Leon Grutschnig & Brigitte Uhtenwoldt

Suyapa Mansilla & Fay Lundin

Bruce Orosz & Stephanie Toothaker

Day 3

Courtney Burke, Natalia Messenbaugh, & Alexa Vitug

Elke Janig & Helmwig Wurmbrand-Stuppach

Carlos Alonso & Mary Horton

William & Lesley Decanio

Jeff Provenzano, Marlene Garcia, & Molly Uhlig

Lynnette & Michael Dutton

Isaac Rosenberg & Amy Zakarin

Danielle Walker & Nikki Rapp

Danyelle Felix & Jessi Pack

Nina Bauregger & Michael Hailer

Monica Cornejo & Allie Lindblade

Adrian Ammon, Alexander Prokop, Andreas Wallner, & Alexander Zwickl