Miami, FL – January 17, 2017 – Renowned international designer Silvia Tcherassi, celebrated the grand opening of the Silvia Tcherassi Atelier in Merrick Park with a glamorous cocktail party for more than 120 VIPs complete with champagne and bites from Thierry’s Catering. A cadre of towering models showed off the right-off-the-runway Silvia Tcherassi evening gowns from Tcherassi’s Macondo collection. The diaphanous printed fabrics and  shapes that were simultaneously fluid and structured, were inspired by the fictional  Colombian town in author Gabriel García Márquez’s novel, One Hundred Years of  Solitude. Throughout the evening, models changed outfits allowing party-goers to see various ensembles from the collection, which features plentiful tulle, couture embellished lace and waistlines highlighted with embroidered sashes. Tcherassi has hand-picked an assortment of glamorous accessories for the Atelier and  designed the store’s spacious interiors in a minimal but luxurious style. This comes as no surprise as the womenswear designer started her career as an interior designer, and  continues to design with projects such as the TCHERASSI HOTEL + SPA in Cartagena and Silvia Tcherassi Home Collection.

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3.1-Raúl De Molina

Raúl De Molina


Dashil Hernandez

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7.9-8.5-Raúl De Molina3

Raúl De Molina

8.1-23-Solita Cohen & Silvia Tcherassi

Solita Cohen & Silvia Tcherassi

8.2-22-Silvia Tcherassi, Sofia Espinosa Tcherassi & Clarissa Losciale1

Dashil Hernandez, Silvia Tcherassi, Sofia Espinosa Tcherassi, & Clarissa Losciale


Danie Gomez Ortigoza, Athina Marturet, Yona Puri, & Eduardo Marturet

8.4-24-Yona Puri & Athina Marturet1

Yona Puri & Athina Marturet

8.5-21.5-Yona Puri & Jocelyn Ortega

Yona Puri & Danie Gomez Ortigoza


Dashil Hernandez

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11-28-Edwin Berrios, Adriana Castro & Juan Sebastian1

Edwin Berrios, Adriana Castro, & Juan Sebastian

25-Gisella Esteves & Alicia Barba0

Gisella Esteves & Alicia Barba

26-Oscar Guerra & Maria Pineda1

Oscar Guerra & Maria Pineda

27-Lale Branz & Jocelyn Ortega

Lale Branz & Jocelyn Ortega

29-Annelies Da Costa Gomez, Juan Carlos Arcila Duque & Carolina Lanao1

Annelies Da Costa Gomez, Juan Carlos Arcila Duque, & Carolina Lanao

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