1-Atmosphere at Rockwell12

Miami Beach, FL – January 9, 2017 – It’s never just an average, boring Monday here in Miami and this week was no exception as Rockwell provided the perfect place to let loose and get wild.

2-Atmosphere at Rockwell 3-Atmosphere at Rockwell3 4-Atmosphere at Rockwell6 5-Atmosphere at Rockwell8 6-Atmosphere at Rockwell16 7-Atmosphere at Rockwell29 8-Atmosphere at Rockwell25

9-DJ Iron Lyon3

Iron Lyon

10-DJ Iron Lyon4 11-IMG_0446 12-IMG_0479 13-IMG_0679

14-Andrea & Adrian Radice

Andrea & Adrian Radice


16-Mahila Snyder, Kat Kae, & Victoria De Cun

Mahila Snyder, Kat Kae, & Victoria De Cun

17-Mahila Snyder, Kat Kae, & Victoria De Cun1 18-Atmosphere at Rockwell40 19-Atmosphere at Rockwell31 20-Dancers at Rockwell9 21-Dancers at Rockwell 22-Dancers at Rockwell3

23-DJ Iron Lyon10

Iron Lyon

24-DJ Iron Lyon12

25-DJ Zilla & DJ Iron Lyon

Zilla & Iron Lyon

26-IMG_0669 27-IMG_0361


Andrea & Adrian Radice

29-IMG_0503 30-IMG_0309