1-Dancers at STK at 1 Hotels31

Miami Beach, FL – January 9, 2017 – STK‘s Magnum Mondays party never fails to kick off the week with a bang.

2-Dancers at STK at 1 Hotels6 3-Dancers at STK at 1 Hotels4 4-Dancers at STK at 1 Hotels13 4.6-Dancers at STK at 1 Hotels19 5-Dancers at STK at 1 Hotels3 5.5-Atmosphere at STK at 1 Hotels8 7-Atmosphere at STK at 1 Hotels3 8-Atmosphere at STK at 1 Hotels

9-Arina Blake & Alisa Boam

Arina Blake & Alisa Boam

10-Lola Chel & Deanna Jitta

Lola Chel & Deanna Jitta

11-Lory Toussaint & Tayo Ishola

Lory Toussaint & Tayo Ishola

13-IMG_0212 14-IMG_0269

15-Vladimir Jean & Tayo Ishola

Vladimir Jean & Tayo Ishola

15.2-Atmosphere at STK at 1 Hotels6 15.4-Atmosphere at STK at 1 Hotels5 15.5-Atmosphere at STK at 1 Hotels2 16-IMG_0199

17-Marius Mates & Vladimir Jean

Marius Mates & Vladimir Jean

18-DJ Danny Stern

DJ Danny Stern

19-DJ Danny Stern6 20-Dancers at STK at 1 Hotels23 21-Dancers at STK at 1 Hotels20 22-Dancers at STK at 1 Hotels24 23-Dancers at STK at 1 Hotels30