Miami Beach, FL – February 26, 2016 – To create the best event during the best weekend of the year, South Beach Wine & Food Festival rounded up 60 of the nation’s top chefs to showcase their most gourmet samplings to pair with over 100 wines rated 90 points or higher on Wine Spectator’s scale. The Fontainebleau Miami Beach set the perfect stage with its own blend of Golden Era glamour and modern luxury to host this grand walk-around affair. Guests were also able to check out some stunning new rides courtesy of The Collection.



3-Derrick Roberts_new

Derrick Roberts

4-Gabriel Fenton_new

Gabriel Fenton

5-Timothy Elmore1_new

Timothy Elmore

6-Timothy Elmore3_new 7-IMG_0306_new 8-IMG_0121_new 9-IMG_0132_new 10-IMG_0344_new

10.5-Jun Lee3_new

Jun Lee

11-Jingang Zhang_new

Jingang Zhang

12-Jingang Zhang3_new

14-Evan Parker3_new

Evan Parker

15-Evan Parker1_new

16-Fred Finnerty, Michael Anthony, & Keaka Lee_new

Fred Finnerty, Michael Anthony, & Keaka Lee

19-Michael Nischan & David Bancoft_new

Michael Nischan & David Bancroft

20-Michael Nischan, Leonardo Maurelli III, & David Bancoft1_new

Michael Nischan, Leonardo Maurelli III, & David Bancroft

21-Steven Satterfield_new

Steven Satterfield

22-Steven Satterfield2_new

23-Jeremiah Bacon1_new

Jeremiah Bacon

24-Ricky King & Jeremiah Bacon1_new

Ricky King & Jeremiah Bacon

26-Justin Warner2_new

Justin Warner

26.5-Justin Warner1_new

27-Diego Oka3_new

Diego Oka

28-Diego Oka_new

29-Lyndsey Sexton & Jackie Jennings2_new

Lyndsey Sexton & Jackie Jennings

30-Camila Gamero & Besma Maroof1_new

Camila Gamero & Besma Maroof

31-Anna Carla Winkes, Rock Soffer, & Damian Gallo_new

Anna Carla Winkes, Rock Soffer, & Damian Gallo

31.5-Danielle Shapiro & Galit Zarco_new

Danielle Shapiro & Galit Zarco

31.7-Elizabeth Ruiz & Indiana Sanchez_new

Elizabeth Ruiz & Indiana Sanchez

32-Kenny & Sheila Simpson, Jennifer Sotolongo, & Judd Rosen2_new

Kenny & Sheila Simpson, Jennifer Sotolongo, & Judd Rosen

33-IMG_0199_new 34-IMG_0201_new 35-IMG_0008_new 37-IMG_0013_new 38-IMG_0024_new 39-IMG_0027_new z-36-IMG_0032_new