Miami Beach, FL – February 27, 2016 – The second annual incarnation of Meatopia, the world’s most famous celebration of all things meat, brought together a huge crowd to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Created and envisioned by the late carnivorous visionary and longtime friend the Festival, Josh Ozersky, Meatopia brought together more than 25 of the country’s greatest chefs to cook every part of the animal low and slow over open fires, utilizing only wood or charcoal as a base. The King of Carnivores himself, Michael Symon, played host to this years marquee affair as guests enjoyed a live musical performance by Gregg Allman, endless sips on cold beer and an incredible array of brown spirits. Guests were also able to check out some stunning new rides courtesy of The Collection.


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12-Brooklyn Red1_new

Brooklyn Red

14-Brooklyn Red2_new 14.5-DSC_9929_new 15-DSC_9956_new 16-DSC_9967_new

16.2-Michael Symon4_new

Michael Symon

16.3-Michael Symon6_new 16.4-Michael Symon33_new 16.5-Michael Symon29_new 17-DSC_0401_new

18-Ryan Fisher, Michael Symon & friend1_new

Ryan Fisher & Michael Symon

19-Ryan Fisher, Michael Symon & friend3_new 20-Ryan Fisher, Michael Symon & friend4_new 21-DSC_0394_new 22-DSC_0514_new


Catalina Prada & Natalie Hazza

24-Aaron Brooks_new

Aaron Brooks

26-DSC_0309_new 27-DSC_0016_new 28-DSC_0491_new 29-DSC_0490_new

30-Alon Shaya_new

Alon Shaya

31-John Rivers_new

John Rivers

32-PJ Calapa_new

PJ Calapa

33-Joseph JJ Johnson_new

Joseph JJ Johnson

34-John Tesar_new

John Tesar

35-Marshama Bailey_new

Mashama Bailey

35.5-Rodrigo Piedrahita_new

Rodrigo Piedrahita

35.6-Evette Parra_new

Evette Parra

35.7-Phil Bryant1_new

Phil Bryant

35.8-Tony Maws_new

Tony Maws

35.9-Jenn Louis1_new

Jenn Louis

36-Dale Talde_new

Dale Talde

37-Miguel Trinidad_new

Miguel Trinidad

38-Peter Vauhty_new

Peter Vauhty

39-Joe Day & Julia Doyne1_new

Joe Day & Julia Doyne

40-Andre Lima de Luca_new

Andre Lima de Luca

41-Courtland Lantaff & Emily Gamboa1_new

Courtland Lantaff & Emily Gamboa

42-Natalie Hazza & Catalina Prada_new

Natalie Hazza & Catalina Prada

43-Brett Alison, Leslie Alison, Chris Cannon, & Tessa O'Manion_new

Brett & Leslie Alison, Chris Cannon, & Tessa O’Manion

44-Jennifer Nguyen & Nicole McCarty1_new

Jennifer Nguyen & Nicole McCarty

45-Jennifer Nguyen, Nicole McCarty, & friends1_new

Nicole McCarty & Jennifer Nguyen

46-Marcello Oppenheim, Jessica Cope, Danielle Somerville, & Katie Bernabeo1_new

Jessica Cope, Danielle Somerville, & Katie Bernabeo


48-Melissa Hartman, Melissa Carter, & Amy Stone_new

Melissa Hartman, Melissa Carter, & Amy Stone

49-Matt & Wendy Kaiser_new

Matt & Wendy Kaiser

50-Aria Spellman & Andrea Ginn_new

Aria Spellman & Andrea Ginn

x-Ken Gorin & friend4_new

Ken Gorin

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