Miami Beach, FL – February 28, 2016 – To close out this year’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival, foodies boogieing down and noshed the night away on Asian bites from a collection of chefs. The evening was hosted by James Beard Award-winning TV personality, chef, food writer and teacher, who is widely regarded as one of the most versatile, knowledgeable and “bizarre” personalities in the food world, Andrew Zimmern. Attendees danced the night away, filled their bellies with sushi, dumplings, dim sum and a variety of other unique eats, sipped on special libations from Gekkeikan Sake, Tito’s Handemade Vodka, Ron Viejo de Caldas Rumand more. Guests were also able to check out some stunning new rides courtesy of The Collection.

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8-Siyu Gao, Richard Graeter, & Nancy Graeter1_new

Siyu Gao, Richard & Nancy Graeter


8.9-12.5-WRE_5116_new 9-WRE_5191_new 10-WRE_5263_new 11-WRE_5753_new 12-WRE_5742_new

14-Cesar Vega1_new

Cesar Vega

Andrew Zimmern

Ezra Potash, Andrew Zimmern, & Adeev Potash

16-Piyarat Potha Arreeratn1_new

Piyarat Potha Arreeratn

18-Dale Talde & Janine Denetdeel_new

Dale Talde & Janine Denetdeel

19-Jose Icardi & Yoshi Migita2_new

Jose Icardi & Yoshi Migita

20-Jose Icardi & Yoshi Migita3_new

20.5-Michael Pirolo & Jennifer Chaefsky_new

Michael Pirolo & Jennifer Chaefsky

21-Diego Ng & Alex Kuk_new

Diego Ng & Alex Kuk

22-Woot Ao, Chef Larry Chi, & Dequan Tan_new

Woot Ao, Chef Larry Chi, & Dequan Tan

Albert Cambo, Thais Carraskuiloo, Anhara Moreno, Paloma Perez, & Anthony Perez

Albert Cambo, Thais Carraskuiloo, Anhara Moreno, Paloma & Anthony Perez

23.5-Carla Torres, Jose De Las Casas, & Lauren Bernat_new

Carla Torres, Jose De Las Casas, & Lauren Bernat

24-Jeff McInnis & Janine Booth_new

Jeff McInnis & Janine Booth

24.5-Jose Icardi_new

Jose Icardi

25-Lauren Adamo & Chad Moreschi_new

Lauren Adamo & Chad Moreschi

26-Sam & Sydney Lynn_new

Sam & Sydney Lynn

27-Nicole Singletary & Andrew Trench_new

Nicole Singletary & Andrew Trench

27.3-Amber Fields & Cindy Dang_new

Amber Fields & Cindy Dang

27.5-Ariella Gutman, Jeremy Standiford, Laura Kramarz, & David Kramarz1_new

Ariella Gutman, Jeremy Standiford, Laura & David Kramarz

8.7-Maria Beguiristain, Tara Solomon, & Marissa Brickman_new

Maria Beguiristain, Tara Solomon, & Marissa Brickman

29-WRE_5629_new 30-WRE_5689_new

The Potash Twins & Andrew Zimmern


36.5-Chef Steve Ho Sang_new

Chef Steve Ho Sang

36.6-WRE_5958_new 37-WRE_5860_new

41-Jessica Newberg & Diana Pavlov1_new

Jessica Newberg & Diana Pavlov

42-Mike Sheldon & Taylor Erickson_new

Mike Sheldon & Taylor Erickson

43-Erica Walker & Tracy Aronson_new

Erica Walker & Tracy Aronson

44-Lili Loden & Simone Formica_new

Lili Loden & Simone Formica

45-Kristen Ohanian, Kerry Bothelo, & Kristina Shvets2_new

Kristen Ohanian, Kerry Bothelo, & Kristina Shvets

Christina Hayes, Devonie Nicholas, Katy Darnaby, & Andrew Darnaby

Christina Hayes, Devonie Nicholas, & Katy & Andrew Darnaby

47-Amy Maloney & Ryan Parrish_new

Amy Maloney & Ryan Parrish

48-Caroline Castro & Raul Gonzalez_new

Caroline Castro & Raul Gonzalez

49-Natalie Alfonso, Patty Muñoz, & Michelle Alfonso_new

Natalie Alfonso, Patty Muñoz, & Michelle Alfonso

50-38-Monica & Rich Nebel2_new

Monica & Rich Nebel

51-39-Monica Nebel2_new

Monica Nebel