Miami Beach, FL – January 16, 2016 – It was all about celebrating the spirit of health as Proganics  hosted the launch of Vegetarian Cuisine Kits for meal delivery. The focus is to provide the tastiest and most flavorful food free of GMO’s, harmful herbicides and pesticides. The foods are locally sourced and locally distributed from Proganics Tower Gardens providing a “Farm to Fork” experience right at your own table. Cuisine Kits include pre-portioned and prepped ingredients, along with simple step by step instructions.  Proceeds from the sales of the event will go to benefit MYWISH4U.org a local non-profit charity for terminally ill children.

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5-Doug Jacobs, Tara Christie, & Judith Huber_new

Doug Jacobs, Tara Christie, & Judith Huber

6-Angel Toth, Karina Ramirez, Nicole Halkides, & Tara Christie_new

Angel Toth, Karina Ramirez, Nicole Halkides, & Tara Christie

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20-Tara Christie & Venoy Rogers III5_new

20.5-Stephanie Rogers & Venoy Rogers III6_new

Stephanie & Venoy Rogers III

21-Tara Christie & Judith Huber_new

Tara Christie & Judith Huber

23-Marcel Huber & Judith Huber_new

Marcel & Judith Huber

23.2-Jessica Viciedo, Judith Huber, & Alisa McDonald1_new

Jessica Viciedo, Judith Huber, & Alisa McDonald

24-Maya Terushkova, Lessia Merino, & Judith Huber_new

Maya Terushkova, Lessia Merino, & Judith Huber

25-Jade Harris, Nicole Woods, & Stephanie Rogers_new

Jade Harris, Nicole Woods, & Stephanie Rogers

25.5-Jennifer McDonough, Nicole Halkides, Tara Christie, Cheryl Hudson, & Rebecca Cabral_new

Jennifer McDonough, Nicole Halkides, Tara Christie, Cheryl Hudson, & Rebecca Cabral

26-Tara Christie, Derek Sparks, & Patricia Delinois_new

Tara Christie, Derek Sparks, & Patricia Delinois

27-Gina Savage & Tara Christie_new

Gina Savage & Tara Christie

29-Nathalie Novick & Ana Rechtman_new

Nathalie Novick & Ana Rechtman

30-Jorge Fernandez, Melissa McDonald, & Marcel Huber_new

Jorge Fernandez, Melissa McDonald, & Marcel Huber

31-Karina Ramirez, & Angel Toth_new

Karina Ramirez & Angel Toth

32-Jennifer Diaz, Howie D, & Jessica Viciedo_new

Jennifer Diaz, Howie D, & Jessica Viciedo

32.5-Ivano Bellini & Jessica Viciedo_new

Ivano Bellini & Jessica Viciedo

33-Derek Sparks, & Alina Boanca_new

Derek Sparks & Alina Boanca

34-Elena Bonnet, Camilo Bonnet, Cheryl Hudson, & Kyle Bohsancurt_new

Elena & Camilo Bonnet, Cheryl Hudson, & Kyle Bohsancurt