Miami Beach, FL – December 11, 2015 – Chef Piyarat Arreeratn, also known as “Chef Bee,” celebrated the opening of new Thai concept NaiYaRa with the foodies of Miami. Chef Bee showcases an eclectic menu featuring Thai street fare and Japanese specialties for which he is known for at his much loved Oishi Thai in North Miami. Inspired by Bangkok’s street food scene and Old Siam, NaiYaRa combines both new and old to create a warm, retro-contemporary space. The walls are adorned with custom artwork by Daniel Fila (aka Krave) and the bar is inspired by back street Thai watering holes with LED lighting to match the mood of the restaurant. Named after Chef Bee’s daughter, “NaiYaRa” means friendly, honest and hardworking, which is exactly what guests will find at the new eatery. The restaurant is located at 1854 Bay Road in Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbour neighborhood.

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Ashley Mandy, Philip Levine, & Chris Cuomo

Ashley Mandy, Philip Levine, & Chris Cuomo

Ashley Mandy, Chef Bee, & Philip Levine

Ashley Mandy, Chef Bee, & Philip Levine

6.7=Chris Cuomo, Chef Bee, & Masoud Shojaee1

Chris Cuomo, Chef Bee, & Masoud Shojaee

7-Chef Bee & Janine Booth1

Chef Bee & Janine Booth

8-Chef Bee & Nelkys Nerey1

Chef Bee & Belkys Nerey

9-Dana Kulvin & Belkys Nerey2

Dana Kulvin & Belkys Nerey

9.3-Gino Campodonico & Joseph Quinones1

Gino Campodonico & Joseph Quinones

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18-Matt Cooper, Chef Bee, & Brian Deutsch2

Matt Cooper, Chef Bee, & Brian Deutsch

18.5-Yanick Henriette & Hadley Henriette2

Yanick & Hadley Henriette

18.7-Iman Hasan & Teresa Cesario1

Iman Hasan & Teresa Cesario

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21-Suvaporn Valdes & Gino Landa4

Suvaporn Valdes & Gino Landa

22-Suvaporn Valdes2

Suvaporn Valdes

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