Miami Beach, FL – October 18, 2013 – Curated, it’s a word that gets used a lot these days, but it’s a term that truly means something to the speakers at Curator Culture at the Bass Museum of Art. This past week, the museum hosted the launch of a new program, developed by the museum, in which conversations between several curators from Miami’s major art institutions, including Jose Diaz (Bass Museum of Art), Bryan Granger (Bass Museum of Art), Elizabeth Shannon (Bass Museum of Art), Alex Gartenfeld (MOCA), Diana Nawi (Perez Art Museum, Miami) and Tobias Ostrander (Perez Art Museum, Miami).

The talk, moderated by Silvia Karman Cubina, executive director and chief curator of the Bass, lead discussions about what the role of a curator is in its institution, how Miami is effecting their work and how to engage Miami’s art community. Other curators who participated included Rene Morales (Perez Art Museum, Miami), Susan Carballo (ArtCenter/South Florida), Claire Breukel (Independent Curator), Chana Budgazad-Sheldon (Locust Projects), Silvia Barisione (Wolfsonian- FIU), Matthew Abbess (Wolfsonian- FIU) and Christian Larsen (Wolfsonian- FIU).

Silvia Cubina

Susan Caraballo

Jose Diaz

Rene Morales

Elizabeth Shannon & Rene Morales

Christian Larsen & Jose Diaz

Rene Morales, Claire Breukel, Diana Nawi, Silvia Barisione, Chana Sheldon, Tobias Ostrander, Silvia Cubina, Christian Larsen, Bryan Granger, Susan Caraballo, Matthew Abess, Elizabeth Shannon, & Jose Diaz

George Lindemann & Ali Matlick

Jean Yzer & Erin Wolfe

Alfredo & Silvia Cubina

Sarah Harrelson & Megan Riley

Jessica Katz, Maria Bonta de la Pezuela, & Aldy Maccarone

Maria del Valle, Marianne Goebl, Al Eiber, & Kim Eiber

Cristina Lei Rodriguez, Agustina Woodgate, & Anthony Spinello

Tony Campbell & Matt Vis

Silvia Cubina

Temi Okpaku, Maria Bonta de la Pezuela, Aldy Maccarone, & Jessica Katz

Paula Tin Nyo, Robert Kast, & Tyler Emerson-Dorsch

Marcos Valella & Misael Soto

Chana Sheldon & Susan Caraballo

Bryan Granger & Tobias Ostrander

Matthew Abess & Liz Shannon