Bal Harbour, FL – September 18, 2013 – Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour and power-house hostess committee Amy Rosenberg, Ashley Abess, Katya Segovia Abouarab, Allison Weiss Brady, Amanda del Duca, Lauren Foster, Jillian Jacobson, Florencia Jimenez-Marcos, Sarah Mirmelli and Erin Newberg hosted the Art of Fashion. Over 75 guests filled the Couture Salon of Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour as they presented the fall 2013 trends of the season featuring animal magnetism, rocker chic looks, the classic combination of black & white, and the two hottest colors seen on all the fashion runways, purple and red. Models graced the rectangular shaped runway as 3 over-sized TV monitors flashing the hottest runway images played as a backdrop to the event. The world of high-fashion and art collided as those in attendance received a personalized poem incorporating one of the Neiman Marcus trends by the duo of poets on hand.

Katya Segovia Abouarab, Amy Rosenberg, Erin Newberg, Jillian Jacobson, Frances Esquenazi, Lauren Foster, Sarah Mirmelli, & Gotmar Giron

Amy Rosenberg, Erin Newberg, Jillian Jacobson, Frances Esquenazi, Lauren Foster, & Sarah Mirmelli

Adriana De Moura & Frances Esquenazi

Adriana De Moura & Gotmar Giron

Adriana De Moura & Krista Karnis

Katya Segovia Abouarab, Carmel Dubuque, & Carolyn Travis

Katya Segovia Abouarab, Aurora Murillo, & Silke Dietrich

Alex Hamdan & Romina Nabhen

Ashley Melisse Abess & Erin Newberg

Allison Weiss Brady, Justin Trabert, & Ashley Melisse Abess

Dale Newberg & Merle Weiss

Edison Lozada & Stacey Lapidus

Elysze Held & Tara Gilani

Gotmar Giron & Tara Gilani

Frances Esquenazi & Erin Newberg

Frances Esquenazi, Erin Newberg, Jillian Jacobson, & Gotmar Giron

Frances Esquenazi

Krista Karnis, Sarah Mirmelli, & Tara Mirmelli

Erin Newberg, Lauren Foster, & Tara Gilani

Marie Whitman & Oscar Fuentes