Coral Gables, FL – July 17, 2013 – Village of Merrick Park hosted the launch of Vogue Brasil’s Vogue Miami edition with hundreds of Brazil’s elite. The private soirée invited guests to join along a “Champagne Promenade” through the mall, leading to a live fashion showcase, previewing the Brazilian designers featured at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014.



A series of unique, visual activations took place at the five boutiques that were featured in the Vogue Miami issue. Each served as stops along the Champagne Promenade. Top Brazilian socialites hosted at the five participating retailers, including Carolina Melo at Tiffany & Co., Ricardo Dunin at 120% Lino, Juliana Savoia at Pili Carrera, Amelia Whitaker at Silvia Tcherassi and Cristiano Piquet at Rugs by Zhaleh. Guests enjoyed pours of Chandon and of Moët Champagne while browsing each merchant location. Silvia Tcherassi presented a gown from the Spring 2013 Collection inspired by renowned Brazilian artist, Helio Oiticica; Pili Carrera hosted an animated window display with live modeling; while a violinist performed live at Rugs by Zhaleh.

The promenade concluded as Champagne sparklers guided guests to the grand finale event, featuring fashion vignettes presented by Vogue Brasil’s very own Fashion Director, Giovanni Frasson. The ultimate preview to Swim Week featured, models wearing the latest collections of Brazilian designer brands, including Vix, Cia Maritima, Poko Pano and Sinesia Karol with designers in attendance.

Rugs By Zhaleh

Giovanni Frasson & Alessandro Cremona

Giovanni Frasson, Benny Rosset, & Alessandro Cremona

Ofer Mizrahi, Marcella Novela, & Ricardo Dunin

Joe Casas & Daniela Sevelius

Cristiano Piquet & Nikki Nasher

Messias Schneider, Elisandra Tacheski, Nkki Nasher, & Cristiano Piquet

Romu Maier, Deise Santile, Denise Dobelin, & Jon Sazer

Alessandro Cremona, Zhaleh Emami, Jalil Pakray, & Cristiano Piquet

Jessica Segatto, Karina Michelin, & Marcia Cusack

Kevin Nunez & Cassi Pettersson

Jackie Busato & Fernando Francischimi

Viviane Martins, Jessica Segatto, Karina Michellin, & Gui Popp

Sarah & David Metalonis

Esther Schattan & Paola Robba

Silvia Tcherassi

Amelia Whitaker

Alessandro Cremona & Amelia Whitaker

Claudio Faria, Maria Ines dal Borgo, Michel Serebrinsky, & Esther Schattan

Maria Tcherassi & Amelia Whitaker

Pili Carrera

Juliana Savoia

Marian Lima & Juliana Savoia

120% Lino

Ricardo Dunin, Patricia Giner, & Jolanda Marini

Marcella Novela & Daniela Frewa

Veronica Filice & Claudia Camporese

Tiffany & Co.

Henry Gonzalez & Carolina Melo

Katharine Rubino, Marcia Martinez, & Henry Gonzalez

Natalie Pons, Katharine Rubino, & Irene Pariserband

Will Walters & Lindsay Bowdouris

Fabiana Santamaria

Will Walters & Lindsay Bowdouris

Grand Finale


Piero Lissoni & Alessandro Cremona

Marcella Novela, Iva Kosovic, & Daniela Frewa

Nikki Nashet & Cristiano Piquet

Alessandro Cremona & Marcia Martinez

Ana Martins & Jaqueline Proctor

Giovanni Frasson