Michael Bay, Scottie & Larsa Pippen

Miami Beach, FL – July 6, 2013 – The holiday weekend partying was at an all time high at underground STORY with Davide Squillace and Guy Gerber taking over the DJ booth. Michael Bay hung out with Scottie and Larsa Pippen while the crowd lost control on the dance floor.

Guy Gerber

Guy Gerber

Stephanie Alteta

Karla Delgado & Stephanie Alteta

Tyler L

Sunny Middleton

Emelie Goransso

Emelie Goransso & Max Baum

Connie Montalva & Max Baum

Connie Montalva, Ryan Troy, Max Baum, & Sunny Middleton

Davide Squillace

Davide Squillace

Journey Henkart & Megan Nihell Bell

Jessica Smith & Vivian Santana

Andrea Pinto & Laura Perez

Andrea Pinto & Sunny Middleton

Stephanie Alteta, Courtney de Stefano, & Karla Delgado

Audiofly & Sarah

Hana Brunner & Jamie Dickenson

  • Jovanna Lacayo

    Hey are you guys going to post the rest of the pictures from this night? Or can I find them somewhere else??? Thanks! 🙂