Miami, FL – June 8, 2013 – The Hoxton kicked off the summer season with the launch of their weekly Saturday happy hour: Brickell Beach Bash. Ocean Drive magazine co-hosted the very happy hour and brought both Brickell and South Beach natives together to experience the urban beach house. Everyone sipped summer-inspired Veev cocktails and enjoyed a fashion presentation by La Martina showcasing the latest must-haves in polo wear, which will be seen during the upcoming Bridgehampton polo matches in New York.

Marcelle Barrientos, Jonny Pimentel, Dana Cohen, & Jenny Barahona

Igal Svet, Maggie Santacruz, & David Lasman

Nathan Winship, Michael Rosen, Ana Rivera, & Ryan Shear

Tanasia Park & Adrian Cannatello

DJ Estela Romand

Leann Crupi, Dardo Sabarots, & Marine Guadalpi

Marine Guadalpi, Dardo Sabarots & Leann Crupi

Catherine Beja & Rob Milton

Lauren Vidal & Michelle Petrillo

Jeremy Goureau & Leann Crupi

Alan Smurfit & Danielle Parets

Brittany Berger & Netta Sarry

Vanessa Behrens

Lauren Vidal, Michelle Petrillo, & Netta Sarry

Guillermo Perez & Nathalie Varona

Dardo Sabarots, Leann Crupi, Jeremy Goureau, & Marine Guadalpi

Leann Crupi, Santiago Rodriguez, Jeremy Goureau, & Marine Guadalpi

Santiago Rodriguez & Jeremy Goureau

Leann Crupi & Marine Guadalpi

Marine Guadalpi & Dardo Sabarots

Jessica Ardente & Nikki Barnes

Santiago Rodriguez & Michelle Chala

David Lasman, Maggie Santacruz, & Igal Svet

Alan Smurfit, Danielle Parets, Brittany Berger, & Netta Sarry

Alan Smurfit, Danielle Parets, Brittany Berger, Michelle Petrillo, Netta Sarry, & Lauren Vidal

Leila Pakrooh, Kelly Chu, Martin Vaivods, & Julia Ford-Carther

Estefany Intriago, Whitney Kimmel, Kamali Burke, & April Donelson

Mario Rios & Carrie Browning