Miami Beach, FL – May 15, 2013 – Vintage fashion retailer Hollen & Jen Showroom put on an exciting, romantic evening at Sagamore, The Art Hotel, on Wednesday night. The fashion show featured spring and summer vintage couture from top designer labels like ChanelEmilio Pucci, and more. There was every kind of look from ready-to-wear to cocktail and evening wear, with everything available for purchase at reasonable prices. The night was emceed by the relationship expert and  “love fairy,” Maya Ezratti of Rewarding Relationships. She also gave a talk on love and dating to add to the romance of the night along with music, LeSutra cocktails, and small bites for everyone.

Maya Ezratti

Maili Nomm

Breanna Quinlatn

Shelbey Seymore

Maili Nomm

Michelle Dunn

Maili Nomm

Warren Sapp & Neil Sazant

Neil & Jennifer Sazant

Jennifer Sazant, Hollen Rosenberg, & Maya Ezratti

Maya Ezratti, Brittany Revitz, Genna Revitz, Jennifer Sazant, Hollen Rosenberg, Jessica Goldman Srebnick, & Elizabeth Resnik

Cindy Dana, Karen Stauber, & Monica Suleski

Abby Harnish, Ashley Pugh, & Lisa Keeler Kravitz

Hollen Rosenberg & Dara Lieber

Monica Haim & Sarah Wu

James D’Agostino & Neil Sazant

Neil Sazant & Robert Finvarb

Linds Harr & Michelle Dunn

Breanna Quinlatn, Maili Nomm, Shelbey Seymore, & Michelle Dunn