Miami, FL – April 30, 2013 – George’s Kitchen & The Loft in Midtown provided the perfect setting for the Chivas Crafted for the Senses Experience. The exclusive evening had Chivas Brand Ambassador Reinaldo Faberlle showing guests the ultimate way to enjoy Chivas 18 through the senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch, discovering up to 85 flavors within the Chivas Regal Blend. Hand-crafted Padron Cigars were also on hand for guests to enjoy, making for a very swanky night of sipping Scotch and smoking cigars.

Jeffrey Padron, Marcos Soto Padron, & Cesar Gadea

Albert Hernandez, Curtis George, Eric Amsler, Marcos Soto Padron, & Cesar Gadea

Albert Hernandez, Jeffrey & Jessica Padron, & Curtis George

Lindsey Willey & Reinaldo Faberelle

Reinaldo Faberelle

Jessica & Jeffrey Padron, & Cesar Gadea

Kurt Lunkenheimer, Jamie Mark, & Seth Schlessinger

Kaye Nagle Wood & Matt Hirsch

Jeffrey & Jessica Padron

Reinaldo Faberelle