Nik Richie

Miami Beach, FL – March 1, 2013 – Gossip king Nik Richie came to Mansion on Friday to get down and dirty for his birthday. Creator of the scandalous and controversial site The Dirty, Richie and his “Dirty Army intel” dish their opinions, gossip, and satire on celebrities and local party people in Scottsdale, Hollywood, Chicago, Vancouver, Dallas, Newport, and Vegas. Friday night was full of plenty gossip-worthy moments as he kicked off the birthday festivities with everyone, and DJ Konflikt and Joe Maz on the decks keeping the crowd raging hard.

Nik Richie

Anthony Vega

Paris Alana

DJ Konflikt & Nik Richie

Marion Vijar, Josie Montalvo, & Yana Poly

Agustina Rodriguez, Nik Richie, Frances Rachel, & Lorena Rodriguez

Joe Maz

Joe Maz

DJ Konflikt

Giles Curtat, Marion Vijar, Josie Montalvo, & Yana Poly

Shane Vernon, Jeff Miller, Mike Russ, & Nick Carullo

Jeff Miller, Nick Carullo, & Mike Russ

Anthony Vega & Michelle Spencer

Nik Richie & Joe Maz

Kent Washington & Nik Richie

Nik Richie & Stefanie Smolski

Anne Grace, Joe Maz, & Anthony Vega

Tortoro Yoann & Ekaterina Khodorich

  • valery

    Had great night thanks Nik!