Craig Robins (shot by Seth Browarnik)

Miami, FL – February 23, 2013 – Miami’s Design District pioneer Craig Robins celebrated his 50th birthday with a big bash hosted by Jackie Soffer. All of Miami’s art and culture influencers came out to celebrate with Robins along with special guests Kate Hudson and Pharrell Williams and stellar chefs, Scott Conant and Michael Mina, for an amazing evening of friends, food, art, and celebration.

Jackie Soffer & Craig Robins

Kate Hudson & Craig Robins

Craig Robins & Pharrell Williams

Helen Lasichanh, Pharrell Williams, & Kate Hudson

Scott Conant & Michael Mina

Jerry & Joan Robins, Michelle & Don Soffer

Craig Robins, Adrienne bon Haes, & Marvin Ross Friedman

Susan & Dennis Richard, Gina Robins, & Craig Robins

Susan Richard, Dennis & Debra Scholl

Cathy Leff

Stacy Robins & Iran Issa-Khan

Jackie Soffer & Iran Issa-Khan

Scott Conant, Michael Mina, & Jackie Soffer

Scott Conant & Michael Mina

Pharrell Williams

Seth Browarnik & Craig Robins

Luis Pons, Alexander Gorlin, Joan Robins, Terence Riley, David Schwarz, Jerry Robins, & Iran Issa-Khan

Luis Pons, Iran Issa-Khan, Alexander Gorlin, Joan Robins, Terence Riley, David Schwarz, & Jerry Robins

Robert Robins, Jerry Robins, Joan Robins, Craig Robins, & Ross Laser

Robert Robins & Carol Soffer

Craig Robins

Susan Richard & Craig Robins

Iran Issa-Khan

Scott Conant & Michael Mina

Jackie Soffer & Pharrell Williams

Jackie Soffer & Craig Robins

Craig Robins & Jerry Robins

Craig Robins & Pharrell Williams

Iran Issa-Khan & Barbara Devries

Susan Ainsworth

Cathy Leff, Alastair Gordon, & Barbara Devries

Dennis Scholl

Jerry & Joan Robins, & Nick Pritzker

Luis Pons, Terence Riley, Iran Issa-Khan, David Schwarz, & Alexander Gorlin

Craig Robins & Ross Laser

Craig Robins

Craig Robins & Iran Issa-Khan

Jay Weber & Anna Williams-Weber

Alexandra Cunningham & Seth Cameron

Kate Hudson