Ana Quincoces

Coral Gables, FL – February 24, 2013 – Pork lovers united as the South Beach Wine and Food Festival came to a close on Sunday for the annual Swine & Wine event at the Biltmore Hotel. Guests got to try pork done 17 different ways. Yes, that’s right, 17! Each chef prepared a dish in their own style with everything from whole lechon asado, pork shoulder, and porchetta to pork liver, pork belly,and pulled pork buns along with Goya‘s side dishes. Local favorite chefs from Pubbelly and Michael’s Genuine competed, as well as The Real Housewives of Miami star Ana Quincoces, along with chefs from other cities. Miami’s own Michelle Bernstein of Michy’s hosted the event, while the master of ceremonies was Univision’s TV personality and resident food expert, Raúl de Molina. After all the pigging out, a winner was chosen: chefs Ryan Nielson and Andy Garcia of Bongo’s Cuban Café for their traditional Cuban lechon asado topped with crispy Spanish onions, maduro mash, and a grape tomato and avocado skewer with a mojo dressing.

Ingrid Hoffman

Michelle Bernstein

Harold Moore

Jose Mendin, Belkys Nerey, & Andreas Schreiner

Brian Massie

Michael Schwartz

Ryan Neilson

Cesare Casella

Miguel Paredes & Douglas Rodriguez

Douglas Rodriguez

John Stewart & Duskie Estes

Gene Prescott

Michelle Bernstein

Raúl de Molina

Willy Pujals, Jorge Padrón, & Richard Perez

Olivier Rodriguez

Ingrid Hoffman & Michael Schwartz

Ingrid Hoffman & Sean Brasel

Katiana Rodriguez, Ana Quincoces, & Beba Rodriguez

John Stewart & Duskie Estes

Michelle Bernstein & Louis Aguirre

Ellie Groden & Michael Schwartz

Pat LaFrieda & Mark Pastore

Pat LaFrieda, Ryan Nielson, & Mark Pastore

Andy Garcia, Pat LaFrieda, Ryan Nielson, & Mark Pastore

Ryan Nielson & Mark Pastore

Mark Pastore, Ryan Nielson, Pat LaFrieda, & Andy Garcia

Ryan Nielson & Andy Garcia