Adrian Grenier, Debbie Allen, Brian Stokes Mitchell, & Joshua Bell

Miami, FL – January 12, 2013 – On Saturday, the National YoungArts Foundation (YoungArts) raised in excess of $1 million in support of YoungArts programs in Miami, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles at An Affair of the Arts Performance and Gala.

Held in Downtown Miami, the evening honored director and choreographer Debbie Allen (Leadership Award), violinist Joshua Bell (Arison Award), and actor and alumnus Adrian Grenier (Alumni Award) and brought together prominent artists, community leaders, philanthropists and celebrities.

In addition to the honorees, notable attendees included Lin Arison, Sarah S. Arison, Elizabeth and Facundo Bacardi, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Charles Bronfman, Chick Corea, Jacques d’Amboise, Bill T. Jones, Jeannine and Paul T. Lehr, Marile and Jorge Luis Lopez, Esq., Debi Mazar, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Jorge M. Pérez, Desmond Richardson, City of Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado, Andrew Rannells, Max Schneider, Zuzanna Szadkowski, and Marisa Tomei.

Paul Lehr, Adrian Grenier, Debbie Allen, Brian Stokes Mitchell, & Joshua Bell

Adrian Grenier, Debbie Allen, & Joshua Bell

Adrian Grenier, Joshua Bell, & Paul Lehr

Debi Mazar & Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei & Debi Mazar

Marisa Tomei

Debi Mazar

James Rosenquist, Lisa Rinehart, & Mikhail Baryshnikov

Andrew Rannells & Zuzanna Szadkowski

Robert Lynch

Michael Kaiser & Robert Lynch

John Roberts & Michael Kaiser

Adrian Grenier & Andrew Rannells

Naomi Fisher & Jim Drain

Debbie Allen, Paul Lehr, & Adrian Grenier

Perry Schechter & Paul Lehr

Susie & Walid Wahab

Ellie Flomenhaft, Jim & Alice Rasmussen

Mikhail Baryshnikov & Robert Lynch

Lisa Rinehart, Mikhail Baryshnikov, & Lin Arison

Lin Arison & Robert Lynch

Paul Lehr, Lin Arison, & Robert Lynch

Michael Kaiser, Robert Lynch, John Henry, & Paul Lehr

Desmond Richardson & Debi Mazar

Desmond Richardson & Marisa Tomei

Sarah Arison, Desmond Richardson, & Marisa Tomei

James Rosenquist & Sarah Arison

Maurice Zarmati, Desmond Richardson, Paul Lehr, Marisa Tomei, & Debi Mazar

Bill T. Jones, Bjorn Amelan, John Roberts, & Michael Kaiser

Bill T. Jones & Bjorn Amelan

Tony Cho

Robert Lynch

Michele Oka Doner

Megan Ann Harmon, Andrew Rannells, & Zuzanna Szadkowski

Adrienne Bon Haes & Marvin Ross Friedman

Chick Corea, Gayle Moran Corea, & Debi Mazar

Bill T. Jones & Debi Mazar

Chick Corea, Gayle Moran Corea, Bill T. Jones, & Bjorn Amelan

Nan Bush & Bruce Weber

Trish & Dan Bell

Desmond Richardson & Jacques D’Amboise

Facundo & Elizabeth Bacardi

Brian Stokes Mitchell

Adrian Grenier

Brian Stokes Mitchell & Debbie Allen

Brian Stokes Mitchell & Joshua Bell

Debbie Allen & Joshua Bell

Adrian Grenier, Debbie Allen, & Joshua Bell

Adrian Grenier, Joshua Bell, Debbie Allen, & Brian Stokes Mitchell

Adrian Grenier & Debbie Allen

Adrian Grenier

Debbie Allen

Marvin Ross Friedman, Adrienne Bon Haes, & Larry Rosen

Jorge & Darlene Perez

Marvin Ross Friedman, Adrienne Bon Haes, Diane & Alan Lieberman

Diane & Alan Lieberman, & Marisa Tomei

Megan Ann Harmon, Andrew Rannells, & Grace Weber

Kaylyn James & Lin Arison

Michelle Oka Donner & Margarita Codina

DJ Irie

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