William John Kennedy

Miami Beach, FL – December 7, 2012 – The Andy Warhol Museum in partnership with KIWI Arts Group unveiled William John Kennedy: The Warhol Museum Edition at a private reception sponsored by BNY Mellon, at Villa by Barton G. (the former Versace Mansion). This box set (in a limited edition of 50) features five signed and numbered photographs of Andy Warhol (1928-1987) in 1964, just prior to the Silver Factory era. William John Kennedy: The Warhol Museum Edition is the first print portfolio released by The Warhol Museum. Nearly 50% of the edition sold at the launch event; a small group is still available for public purchase at $30,000 before the final group offered rises to $40,000.

William John Kennedy

Jesse Williams

Anabela Mendoza & Lara Balderrama

Jared Eng

Roxanne Lowit


Eric Shiner

Thomas Crow

Lino de Stefano, James Timmins, & Breece Suber

Paul Jacober, Ernesto Sanchez, & Glenn Albin

Eric Newill & Janza Wetherington

Sandra Alvaran & Mike Morocco

Esteban Camacho, Umber, & Giselle

Paul Johnson & Bob O’Leary


Annie James & Melissa Fassler

Komal Kehar & Clementine d’Aspremont

Rose Bauer, Arnold & Tina Schiller, Steven Neckman, & Larry Rivero

Ryan Tarpley & Jesse Williams

Jared Eng & Seth Browarnik

Patrick Moore, Louis Canales, Eric Shiner, Mike Huter, & Patrick McMullan

Rose Bauer & Larry Rivero

Arnold & Tina Schiller

Lowry Brescia, Sarah Sindledecker, & Mariel Martinez

Ekaterina Iragui & Irina Davis

Marjory Suna, Amanda Schuon, & Judy Goodman