Julian Lennon

Miami Beach, FL – December 6, 2012 – Julian Lennon and Nur Khan celebrated Art Basel 2012 with The Morrison Hotel Gallery by hosting a pop up of The Electric Room at the Dream Hotel South Beach. The event took place at High Bar rooftop and featured musical entertainment by Alison Mosshart of The Kills as well as an appearance by rock and roll photographer, Bob Gruen. Attendees included actor Jeremy Piven, from Morrison Hotel Gallery  – Peter Blachley, Susan Brandt, Bob Gruen, From Dream Hotels – Vikram Chatwal (Owner) , Ro Anand, Brandon Reynolds, and Brendan Mcnamara

Alison Mosshart & Jeremy Piven

Nur Khan, Alison Mosshart, & Jamie Hince

Bob Gruen, Alison Mosshart, & Julian Lennon

Barb Wire Dolls

Alison Mosshart & Bob Gruen

Alison Mosshart

Barb Wire Dolls

Alison Mosshart, Nur Khan, Bob Gruen, & Cash

Allison Mosshart & Vikram Chatwal

Vikram Chatwal & Jeremy Piven

Bob Gruen

Barb Wire Dolls & Bob Gruen

Barb Wire Dolls, Bob Gruen, & Jes Wells

Alison Mosshart & Susan Brandt

Julian Lennon & Timothy White

Julian Lennon, Allison Mosshart, Bob Gruen, & Timothy White

Julian Lennon, Rohit Anand, & Brendon McNamara

Susan Brandt, Peter Blachley, & Rich Horowitz

Barb Wire Dolls

Jamie Hince & Jane Schindler

Jamie Hince

Vikram Chatwal & Jamie Hince

Brendon McNamara, Julian Lennon, Nur Khan, & Rohit Anand

Dena Lyons

Drew Deters, Rohit Anand, DJ David Katz, & Amber Mitchell

Jill Zarin & Marla Helene

Alison Mosshart

Jeremy Piven, Alison Mosshart, & Nur Khan

  • Pauline.L.

    Looks like a fun place to be! Nice Photos…Thank You for posting them…

  • Jacey Gillis

    Interesting . . . it looks like a party . . . Julian looks peaceful in one shot, pissy in another and kinda sadenned in the top photo…. . .