Miami Beach, FL – December 6, 2012 – Curve Boutique at The Perry was host to a private charity event and art exhibition by Ludwig Haskins. Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer hosted the event with V&M CEO Adam Smith and Curve owner Nevena Borissova. The funds raised from this affair benefit SHFT and Mobile Kitchen Classroom, which Grenier and Glatzer are each co-founders of.

Adrian Grenier, Brie Barbaccia, & Peter Glatzer

Adrian Grenier, Brie Barbaccia, Adam Smith, Peter Glatzer, & Nevena Borissova

Ludwig Haskins & Adrian Grenier

Adam Smith, Judy Holm, & Brie Barbaccia

Brie Barbaccia, Peter Glatzer, and Nevena Borissova

Betty Sitt, Chloe Bartoli, & Alex Ferreira

Chris Coleman & Judy Holm

Katie Fisher Cherry & Sarah Arison

Miller Gaffney

Adam Smith, Clarita Duque, Judy Holm, & Paulo Benedeti

Kyla Knyper, Ashley Lloret, & Diana Hernandez

Christina Gibson, Lindsay Hubbard, & Rhiannon Ally

Matthew Messinger, Brie Barbaccia, & Stephan Faraday

Shawn Vardi, Lia Bratkin, & Eric Marx

Nevena Borissova & Chloe Bartoli

Philip Hockin & Linda Wonnacot

Rhiannon Ally, Judy Holm, & Cristina Gibson

Robert Adams & Albert McDaniel

Judy Holm