Kim Cole, Lais Lopes, Dina Auneau, & Crash

Miami Beach, FL – November 15, 2012 – CEO of Bamboo, Theo Pasa celebrated his birthday Thursday night with guests including Marysol Patton and a wild celebration complete with a custom birthday cake and champagne flowing throughout the club. Happy Birthday Theo!

Lais Lopes, Kim Cole, Crash, & Dina Auneau

Manuel, Marysol Patton, Theo Pasa, Ortansa & Daniel Lenghea

Theo Pasa

Manuel, Monica Cotar, & Theo Pasa

Dina Auneau, Lais Lopes, & Kim Cole

Elle Tati & Larka Gerge

Flavian Mullen & Vivian Telles

Devin Carpio