Miami, FL – October 18, 2012 – Louis Vuitton is pleased to open a temporary location in Miami’s ever-evolving Design District. The temporary store will be replaced by a permanent location in the heart of the Design District in 2014. Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet, President and CEO of Louis Vuitton North America celebrated the opening of Louis Vuitton Miami Design District debuting a special partnership with RETNA.

In connection with the vibrant art environment of the community, Louis Vuitton Miami Design District store, one of the earlier arrivals in the neighborhood,  features a mural on the façade painted by graffiti writer, RETNA. In his unique and prolific style, RETNA has reinterpreted the iconic name Louis Vuitton in a distinct color palette that echo the playful spirit of Miami. This is the first time Louis Vuitton has had an artist create an original work on the façade of one of its North American stores.

Synonymous with savoir-faire, Louis Vuitton is equally known for the experiential retail environments and this transitionary store is no exception. The new Design District location offers an engaging experience in a distinctive neighborhood store. The main entrance opens into a specialized Travel Room where customers can discover a range of classic trunks, luggage and travel-specific accessories. Furnished with antique Parisian furniture, the ground floor houses a curated selection of men’s and women’s leathergoods, ready-to-wear, shoes, fashion jewelry, eyewear, and textiles to create unique men’s and women’s universes. A private salon on the second floor provides a more intimate experience for clients, also featuring RETNA.

Retna, Valerie Chapoulaud-Floquet, & David Goubert

Craig Robins

Don Soffer

Retna, Don Soffer, & Craig Robins

Craig Robins & Jackie Soffer

Ines Rivero

Criselda Breene

Sam Robin, Criselda Breene, & Barbara Becker

Josh Fein & Jenny Zalkin

Anthony Spinello

Terence Riley & Anthony Spinello

Silvia Barisione & Cathy Leff

John Lin

Kamil & John Lin

Nina Johnson

Filipe de Albuquerque, Florence Molina, & Ugo Colombo

Retna & Micky Grendene

Criselda Breene, Iran Issa Khan, & Michelle Areces

Candela Ferro

Candela Ferro & Khotan Fernandez

Tasha & Monica Lopez De Victoria

Chris Oh & Alicia Francis

Daniel & Marcella Novela

Linda Levy Goldberg & Laura Buccellati

Fabio Lopez, Alegrai Beracafa, James Lewis Wark, & Herman Arriaga

Lynn Larrieu, Cynthia Whitaker, Sam Robin, Monica Madotto, & Barbara Becker

Filippo Brignone, Justine & Luca Giussani, & Retna

Iran Issa Khan, Craig Robins, & Barbara Becker

Ines Rivero

Anna Williams & Micky Grendene

Mario Cader Frech, Alejandro Biel, Sol Biel, & Robert Wennett

Dana Shear, Elizabeth Beracasa, & Laura Buccellati

Mari Alarcron Grimalp & Linda Levy Goldberg

Michelle Areces & Mario Vergel

Belkys Nerey, Carlos Betancourt, & Brandi Reddick

Michael Kirkland & Edison Lozado

Martin Gastelu, Iran Issa Khan, Mario Vergel, & Michelle Areces

Jose Antonio, Raul Rodriguez, & Manny Machado

Daniel Novela & Julie Brown

James Aguiar, Anne Owen, & Luis Rigual

Katie Rhodes, Trudy Courey, & Jean Marie Kouri

Carole Seikaly & Louis Aguirre

Fati Rosenberg, Stephanie Jourdan, & Susie Wahab

Paolo Ambu, Megan Riley, & Greg Melvin

Carol Iacovelli & Elizabeth Beracasa

Tara Sokolow-Benmeleh & Marcella Novela

Fati Rosenberg & Louis Aguirre

Kim Cacares & Myriam Duhau

Michael Konig & Jennifer Pear

Ilian Velasco, Douglas Hox, Francisco De La Torre, & Torottya Barma

Tina Brown & Amaris Jones

Cathy Leff & Craig Robins

Jerry & Joan Robins

Jerry Robins & Don Soffer

Don Soffer, Jerry & Joan Robins, Jackie Soffer, & Craig Robins

  • dana shear

    Louis Louis…..Seth you and your team did a great job capturing the essence of the evening! The Design District is forever changed….Mr. Vuitton has set up “camp.”