Miami Beach, FL – August 29, 2012 – Every Wednesday the boyfriends go out of town and Bâoli makes way for the weekly party that always leads to a successful night. This week was no exception with Hugo M. providing exceptional tracks and the party goers providing the great mood.

Jen Suarez & Amber Wilson

Amber Wilson & Jen Suarez

Tanya Raiman & Katya Liranzo

Virginia Balcazar & Barbara Romano

Virginia Balcazar, Barbara Romano, Tanya Raiman, & Katya Liranzo

Jeanette Rios, Andrea Pereira, David Saada, & Julia Hernani

Andrea Pereira & Julia Hernani

Hugo M. & Jonathan C.

Hugo M.

Carlos Velez & Angelique Miller

Jimmy Servetas & Jacqueline Hitterman

Lea Lumbroso, Berta Comanges, & Adriana Castro