Miami, FL – August 9, 2012 – Ocean Drive magazine toasted the four year anniversary of interior design visionary, Tui Lifestyle, at an invitation-only soiree at Paramount Bay. Guests received an exclusive peak at the gorgeous penthouse model unit designed by Tui Lifestyle and indulged in specialty 1492 Rum “Tui Mojitos.” VIP guests in attendance included Ocean Drive Publisher, Courtland Lantaff, Tui Lifestyle President and CEO, Jason Atkins, and Fortune International Vice President of Marketing, Andrea Greenberg.

Courtland Lantaff & Jason Atkins

Andrea Greenberg & Piret Johanson

Piret Johanson, Andrea Greenberg, Miriam Llorens, & Cristos Bove

Alejandra Castillo & Rafael Gonzalez

Magali Velez & Yanina Velez

Kathleen Taylor & Anthony Liggins

Viviana Torres & Diana Arce

Ana Rivera, Courtland Lantaff, & Luisa Balladares

Jacke Mailhe, DJ Supersede, & Cristina Parra

Kacey Cortolillo & Rob Parisi

Justin Rubin & Pedro Cheng

Rafaela Leal, Daniel Ovalle, Daniela Huss, & Elen Oliveira

Jenny Agudelo, Michael Candito, & Fernanda Martino

Alina Chudnova, Michelle L Judd, & Catalina Martinez

Reginald Dunlap, Kathleen Taylor, & Anthony Liggins

Jennifer Caccamise & Kacey Cortolillo