Kelly Gray & Maria Avila

Miami Beach, FL – July 28, 2012 – Sultan & Ned Shepard returned to LIV Saturday night with another impressive set. The crowd was even more enthusiastic than usual and the music matched the energy perfectly.

Sultan & Ned Shepard

Ned Shepard

Ned Shepard & Sultan

Sultan, Biz Martinez, & Ned Shepard

Ned Shepard, Sultan, & Mednas

Sultan & Ned Shepard


Valerie Ayyar

Priscilla Kelly & Shannon Austin

Kelly Gray & Anita Kwong

Tyla Smith, Su Unlu, Kelly Gray, & Zoe Rene

Zoe Rene, Tyla Smith, Su Unlu, & Kelly Gray

Tyla Smith & Zoe Rene

Kelly Gray & Tyla Smith

Kelly Gray & Su Unlu

Tiff Zaytsev, Hannah Socolsky, & Jena Luckman

Tiff Zaytsev & Hannah Socolsky

Cassandra Schindler & Jessie Morrison

Moe Garcia

Zoe Rene & Su Unlu

Courtney Williams & Stacie Todd

Paige Gilbert

Maria Avila

Ned Shepard & Chelsea Olson

Linda Lopez & Monica Pridomo

Moe Garcia & Joey Goldman

Stacie Todd & Zachary Ralph

Su Unlu, Kelly Gray, Tyla Smith, Purple, & Zoe Rene

Mike Aaron