Nik Richie & Shayne Lamas

Miami Beach, FL – August 24, 2012 – Reality star, Shayne Lamas, and her husband and owner of, Nik Richie came out to LIV Friday night for Mr. Mauricio’s hard hitting DJ set. Lamas, winner of The Bachelor season 12, and Richie are said to soon be starring in their own VH1 reality show, depicting their pop culture filled lives set in Scottsdale, Arizona. From the gossip blogging mayhem in Nik Richie’s world to Shayne Lamas’ life in the spotlight, we can expect nothing short of entertainment in their upcoming show.

Nik Richie

Nik Richie & Shayne Lamas

Shayne Lamas & Nik Richie

Shayne Lamas

David Grutman & Shayne Lamas

Shayne Lamas, David Grutman, & Nik Richie

Jimmy Greenup

Nik Richie

Mr. Mauricio, Shayne Lamas, & Nik Richie

Jimmy Greenup

Keith Paciello & Mr. Mauricio

Mr. Mauricio, Chris Jones, Keith Paciello, & David Grutman

Valentina Sarria

David Grutman, Nik Richie, & Joe Lahoud

  • FunKiller

    Aren’t these the type of people the reason you started theDirty….and now you’re becoming one of them?

  • Been There Done That

    Surprised to see Shayne has moles on her face and body…a real no no for Nik. Also the man hands..he would so call her out on The Dirty. BTW, I think Shayne is stunning..beautiful. She’ll never survive his ridiculous standards. Get out girl.

  • Duh

    I can’t believe how plain looking Shane is! She wouldn’t even be a DC! I think she’s pretty, but not as good as Nik thinks. Nik, you’re a hypocrite! You tear young women apart & your blind to your own tricks haha

  • Mia

    the ‘n’ necklace is a very cute touch, Shayne

  • Karen

    I think Shayne is gorgeous! I wish I could look like that. Nik is quite critical and controversial on his website..DUH it sells! You ask for his opinion he is gonna give it to you straight. Maybe he loves her because she never asks for his opinion and has the class and confidence to realize that she is beautiful in her own mind and he responds to that. Whatever it is I am so happy they made it work in a superficial world! I applaud him for losing weight and her too after the baby was born! I think he rocks for calling out that child molester guy on Couples Therapy too…Say what we all think Nik!!

  • dafuk

    Why is that Retard eating her cell phone?

  • michele

    God Nik Ritchie is such a skinny, ugly, little douchebag.

  • Michelle Ramirez

    Way harsh comments! Plain looking? Shayne? Maybe next to that tramp on Couples therapy.