Miami Beach, FL – August 10, 2012 – SET Night Club transformed into an Amazon Jungle Friday night for the celebration of it’s five year anniversary. Michael Capponi and Laurent Bourgade celebrated with their closest and most dedicated friends at the legendary club while listening to the exciting sounds of DJ N’Dy.



DJ N’Dy & Michael Capponi

Felicia Marquez

DJ N’Dy & Hugo M.


Michael Capponi & Michaela Vybohova

Michaela Vybohova & Michael Capponi

Hassan Benjelloun

Ricardo Agudelo

Jeffrey Feldman & Yamit Tal

Anthony Vega & Stephanie Treutlein

Lily Melnikova & Lulu Ferdinand

Cyrine Jarretie & Laurent Bourgade

Michael Capponi, Felicia Marquez, & Jeffrey Feldman

Yamit Tal