Bruno Bussieres, Alejandra & Oliver Jay

Miami Beach, FL – August 16, 2012 – Thursday night Oliver Jay spent his birthday with friends at STK for the weekly Diva’s Dinner. After 17 years in South Beach, Oliver Jay has been a part of everything from Bash to Jimmy Z’s, to Nikki Beach and now Mynt where he is the current VIP director. Happy Birthday Oliver!

Oliver Jay

Hector Nieto, Oliver Jay, & Waylon Chin

Marivi Coronado, Gesy Lynn, & Maria Coronado

Theresa Schwark & Terry Tupini

Terry Tupini & Gesy Lynn

Cristina Perruolo & Sasha Alcorta

Andrea Restrepo & Andrea Ucar

Pablo Cardenas, Marisol Rivera,  Jose Santa, Oliver Jay, Chris Mayer, & Bob Jones

DJ Obscene