Miami Beach, FL – August 25, 2012 – Mynt exploded with energy Saturday night as everyone piled in to stay dry from the storm and carry out their party plans as they wished. The beautiful colors and beautiful people put the club in a trance of satisfaction.

David Saada

Mariana Ortiz & Angela Salgado

Slade Gicca & Dolts L.

Luisa Montano

Jessica Hagen

Ale Espinosa

Angie Fireman, Lauren Kiteigin, & Barbara Kerry

Angela Salgado

DJ Rascal

David Saada, Agel Raya, Angela Salgado, & Mariana Ortiz

Ana Ferraez, Lorena Palma, Katy Sanchez, & Ale Espinosa

Devon Stull & Kim Gammon

Luisa Montano, Mariana Ortiz, & Angela Salgado

Katiana Rodriguez, Elise Fernandez, & Cory Hollinder

Vanessa Nance & Jessi Ponce

Jennifer Davila & Sinan Ercan