Miami Beach, FL – August 23, 2012 – LACOSTE celebrates the opening of its Lincoln Road Flagship store with an in-store VIP cocktail party.  Guests were invited to preview the Fall 2012 Collection and shop an assortment of classic polos, watches, sunglasses and footwear as a special gift from LACOSTE. The VIP shopping preview was followed by cocktails and light fare at a rooftop Penthouse at the W South Beach.

As a perfect compliment to the evening, Bombay Sapphire provided a unqiue experience. The Bombay Sapphire World bazaar allows consumers to enjoy the hands-on creation of imaginative cocktails and embrace the true essence and versatility of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin.

Monica de Victoria, Tasha Lopez de Victoria, Carolyn Travis, & Melissa Katz

Melissa Katz & Tarin O’Donnell

Alan Randolph

James Wark, Tali Jaffe, & Sara Wolfe

Tali Jaffe & Sara Wolfe

Jamie Mark & James Wark

Ralph Andrade, Michael Gongora, Steve Birkhold, & Jonah Wolfson

Rex Hamilton, Alix Lacoste Hamilton, & Beryl Lacoste

Rex Hamilton, Susie Wahab, Alix Lacoste Hamilton, Beryl Lacoste, & Walid Wahab

Sam Robin, Daniela Swaebe, Steve Birkhold, Susie Wahab, Tui Pranich, Michael Comras, Iran Issa-Khan, & Walid Wahab

Seth Browarnik

Ginger Harris

Navin Chatani

Courtland Lantaff

Ralph Andrade, Todd Goldenfarb, & Jonah Wolfson

Aaron Glickman & Michael Bernstein

Brett Graff & Stacey Chopp

Fany Mendez & Angelica Garcia

Lori Trigonis & Bernarda Reyes

Sara Wolfe, James Wark, & Tali Jaffe

Iran Issa-Khan & Walid Wahab

Iran Issa-Khan & Sam Robin

Sam Robin & Susie Wahab

Sam Robin, Beryl Lacoste, & Alix Lacoste Hamilton

Sivan Koster & Harvey Daniels

Nicole & Steve Birkhold

Gillian Lynch & Bob Lynch

Michael Gongora, Alan Randolph, Steven Rodriguez, & Brad Ugent

Tali Jaffe & James Wark

Iran Issa-Khan, Rex Hamilton, Alix Lacoste Hamilton, Beryl Lacoste, & Sam Robin

Susie Wahab, Beryl Lacoste, & Walid Wahab

Matthew Vander Werff, & Rachel & Joe Furst

Susie Wahab, Tui Pranich, & Michael Comras

Brookhart Jonquil, Trong Nguen, Tasha Lopez de Victoria, & Monica de Victoria

Karim Masri & Navin Chatani

Sara Wolfe & Tali Jaffe

Leslie Wolfson, Michael Comras, & Daniela Swaebe

Monica de Victoria & Tasha Lopez de Victoria

After Party at W South Beach

Tasha Lopez de Victoria & Monica de Victoria

Otto Von Schirach, Tasha Lopez de Victoria, Brookhart Jonquil, & Mikel Bowman

Tasha Lopez de Victoria, Mikel Bowman, Trong Nguen, Emily Coppock, & Monica de Victoria

Tasha Lopez de Victoria, Mikel Bowman, & Monica de Victoria

Melissa Katz, Mikel Bowman, James Wark, & Emily Coppock

Melissa Katz, Alan Randolph, & Jamie Mark

Melissa Katz, Melissa Little, & Jamie Mark

Jamie Mark & Melissa Katz

Regina Arriola & Brandon Cauff

Iran Issa-Khan & Tui Pranich

Sivan Koster & Angelica Garcia

Monica de Victoria & Tasha Lopez de Victoria

Daniela Swaebe & CC Levin

Giovanna & Vincent Bruno

Zack Lavin & Jon Warech

Greg & Jessica Marino

Kevin Coster & Victoria Sampaio

Katy Stoka & Claude Salle

Mikel Bowman & Trong Nguen

Michael & Mary Jo Shore, & Andrew Echevarria

Otto Von Schirach & Tasha Lopez de Victoria