Miami Beach, FL – August 6, 2012 – While some may find Mondays to be a downer, those who venture out to FDR on a Monday night know that they’re in for a great start to their week. DJ Sub Zero got the night going with his hottest set played for the hottest Monday crowd.

Kelly Gray, Chloe Gasset, & Daniela Mencos

Chloe Gasset & Daniela Mencos

DJ Sub Zero

Chris Paciello & Mr. Mauricio

DJ Sub Zero

Isabella Due

Jaclyn Waters

Jaclyn Waters & Candice Galek

Alex Saladrigas

Alex Saladrigas & Rene Martin

Julie Jazmin, Madeline Sacks, & Michelle Fein

Tika & Saskia Neillsen

Kelly Gray & Tika

Kelly Gray, Tika, Saskia Neillsen, & Lisa Martin

James Davis, Isabella Due, & Paul Syle