Mr. Mauricio

Miami Beach, FL – July 30, 2012 – FDR at Delano kicked off the week with their Monday night party that brings out all of the dedicated partygoers. Mr. Mauricio, a crowd favorite, took over the DJ booth for the night of celebration.

Kelly Gray

Maitlyn Simmons, Chelsea Olson, & Julz


Maria Avila, Rene Martin, & Kelly Gray

Maria Avila & Kelly Gray

Ryan Troy & Kelly Gray

DJ Aliyo

Mr. Mauricio

Zoe Rene & Jordyn Hartlein

Julz & Lexy Lynn


Maitlyn Simmons & Chelsea Olson

Kelly Gray, Chris Paciello, & Jordyn Hartlein

Kelly Gray

Kita Tiamtisack, Yoselyn Bencosme, & Diana Lebed

Juan Stapff

Kita Tiamtisack, Karen Kaos, & Yoselyn Bencosme

Karen Kaos

Rachel & Ashleigh Richardson

Lexi Lynn & Gabriela Dalmasyn

Ryan Troy & Maria Avila

Mr. Mauricio