Kelly Gray

Miami Beach, FL – August 20, 2012 – As the Summer winds down, FDR at Delano is going against the grain by not slowing down one bit. This Monday the crowd was looking for a good time and they definitely left feeling satisfied and ready to carry on with their week.

Karolina Debska, Sylwek Oiskiewucz, & Kat Gomez

Monica Matlack & Sami Gomez

Priscilla Perales & Kristina Nemeth

Priscilla Perales

Alex Saladrigas & Priscilla Perales

Kylie Co

Maria Avila & Kelly Gray

Matt Root & Kelly Gray

Stacie Todd, Montana Tucker, Zoe Rene, Maria Avila, & Kelly Gray

Maria Florez, Ali Neglio, & Su Unlu

Ali Neglio & Su Unlu

Zoe Rene

Zoe Rene & Montana Tucker

Stacie Todd, Maria Avila, & Rene Martin

Alex Saladrigas & Priscilla Perales

Sylwek Oiskiewucz, Madlinx, Karolina Debska, & DJ Aliyo

Karolina Debska & Sylwek Oiskiewucz

Stacie Todd & Montana Tucker