Miami Beach, FL – August 21, 2012 – Favela Beach produced another insane party Tuesday night at WALL with Los de la Vega in the DJ booth and what seemed to be all of Miami out for the party. With sparkling bears, exuberant people, and captivating music all around, the night was nothing short of perfect.

Los de la Vega

Angelique Miller

Brittney Miller

Julia Musch & Bernard Krief

Angelique Miller & Brittney Miller

Brittney Hernandez, Lucia Larrosa, & Gaudi Castro

Angelique Miller, Jenn Saslow, Jonathan Estallo, Brittney Miller, & Emily Epler

Los de la Vega

Cassandra Schindler & Mr. Mauricio

Brittney Hernandez & Lucia Larrosa

Los de la Vega

John Cash & DJ Zion

Stephanie Veloso & Mr. Mauricio

Tatanka & Sonja Ewy

Brittney Hernandez & Allison Arauz

Rhett Bennett & Limor Hazan

Jonathan Estallo, Brittney Miller, & Angelique Miller

Sandra Reisch & Marianna Mignanelli

Matt Root

John Cameron

Stephanie Veloso, Mr Mauricio, Mike Troy, & Bernard Krief

Ruen, Jona Cerwinske, Tatanka, Robin Louis, & Mr. Mauricio

Mike Aaron & Denian Costa