Miami Beach, FL – August 7, 2012 – Last week WALL lit up at the Tuesday night Favela Beach party with music by DJ Heron Love and Ruen. Each week continues to live up to it’s reputation of being one of the hottest places to party on a wild Summer night.

Chantel Zales

Ashley Bowles, Marissa Tatakis, & Luci Giammattei

Stephany Rosner, Lara Kaye, & Rebe Taylor

Rebe Taylor, Lara Kaye, & Estrella Levi

Rebe Taylor, Tara Asry, Estrella Levi, Lexi Matz, Stephany Rosner, & Lara Kaye

Estrella Levi

Ruen & DJ Heron Love

DJ Heron Love

Marianna Maraviglia, Marta Biagini, & Alessia Masini

Ale Garcia & Celine West

Celine West & Nicole McCarty

Jessica Aiello & Jessica Linares

Chantel Zales