New York, NY – WorldRedEye welcome two new contributors who will be sharing some New York City flavor with the world, Epic NYC comes from the points of view of Ben Ferrari and Hash, the ultimate men about the town. Ben Ferrari hails from New York and regulary contributes to publications including, GQ, Vogue Italia, Technikart US as well as collaberating with artists worldwide. Hash is an internationally accredited artist residing on Manhattan Island. A Rennaisance Man from Philadelphia, Hash has returned to his family’s original home in America, Manhattan Island.

From Le Baron, to Drom, to the Mondrian roof top, these two give an exclusive glimpse of New York’s hottest locations and most interesting characters who tell a story of the unique culture that is authentic to New York.

Theophilus London

August 1, 2012 – Theophilus London is one of the biggest “underground” rappers around. His label LVRS did a collaboration with DelToro slippers for the official release party at The Black Tag in Nolita, NYC.

Terrence Koh & Hash

Hannah Branfman & Mallory Neidich

Heron Preston & Casey Randerson

Of Monsters and Men x Soaked at The Mondrian Hotel Rooftop

July 27, 2012 –  Of Monsters and Men gave an awesome, intimate performance for a summer series put on by Soaked, the penthouse and rooftop of the Mondrian SoHo.

Shinnosuke Katsube

Majors & Hash

Hash & Paul Johnson Calderon

Mike Brandon of The Mystery Lights

July 30, 2012 – The Mystery Lights at the Mercury Lounge / After Party at the Caulfield was a night of downtown NYC rock, pretty self explanatory. Ricky Powell , the fifth Beastie Boy, a member of Ninjasonik, and all of the rock scene was there to party.

Amanda Schreiber & Alena Chetoka

Masha Gallant & Eliza Sanchez

Michael Brian & Hash

Annie Woods & Mike Brian

Anjia Jalac

Hayley Pond

Mike Brandon of The Mystery Lights, Telli from Ninjasonik, & Ricky Powell

Masha Gallant and Eliza Sanchez at The Mystery Lights After Party at The Caulfield

Hayley Pond

Ricky Powell, Bains, & Michael Brian

Generik Artz

Lydia Richardson & Hayley Pond

Phillip Ducasse & Eric Alexander


Mike Starnino & Ceddy Sedgwick

Lydia Richardson & Caylah Leas

Lydia Richardson


Annie Woods, P, Michael Brian, & The Mystery Lights

The Caulfield

Kate Litvinov, Kelsey Panicco, & Leah Feingold

Mahelia de Randamie & Michelle Travis at Pravda

Corinne Hatch & Pernilla Fransander

Ann Litvinova & Diederik Comte

Spec Boogie & Christian Campbell

Leah Feingold

JR Lambey

Marlo Kronberg & Christine Elena Bily

Dolce Vita Showroom

August 1, 2012 – Dolce Vita FFANY Spring 2013 Reception at The Dolce Vita Showroom in the Puck Building on Houston Street. Dolce Vita gave a preview of their 2013 collection with a huge Coney Island themed party with circus freaks and photobooths etc. Johnny Rodriguez of The Fashion Show was there to celebrate the fashion preview.

Lauren & Johnny

Miss Gabe

Kate Stein

Mariel Booth, Christopher Martin, & Hash

Dusty Childers

Isaiah Frasiar

Bonnie Barton


Monique Rivera, Nick Luccio, Lisa Flythe, Joey Ng, & Chris Reed

Claire Geist

Naomi Yasuda & Nao Nishimura

Lucas Walters

Joey Ng & Joachim Johnson


Eunice Juice

Ronny Alarid, David Raper, Carrie Notaro, Joanna Vega, Melissa Lopez-Leach, & Johnny Rodriguez

Celine Bassett

Adam Sauermilch & Daniel Sauermilch

Yayoi Kusama & Hash

Mahelia de Randamie & Spec Boogie

Marco Albanese & Simona Scafura

Rebecca Mcintosh & Nedo Bellucci at Wine and Bespoke at The Bellucci Napoli Palazzo

Victor Van de Rosieren & Natacha Lejeune

Natacha Lejeune

Vita Lurash & Victoria Diadiukh

Jaques Azzulay

Vita Lurash

The Jam NYC at Drom

August 2, 2012 – The Jam NYC ft. LOL Boys, Bass Squad, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, and SleepyHead at Drom NYC.

Markus G.

Lindsay Cain

Hash and Eunice Juice

Eunice Juice

Alex English & Haley Watson

Hulya Olff

Ruben Carnale

Zack Haigh

Rebecca B. & Markus G.

LOL Boys

Christina Foti & Casey See

Ann Litvinova at Elephant Speakeaterie in Brooklyn, NYC

Lu & Disco Stu at Le Baron

Disco Stu

Charlotte Z.

Leah T.

Brie Welch

NMRKT X Soaked at The Mondrian Hotel

August 7, 2012 – NMRKT is a new website that sells cool fashion, the people behind it are well-known downtown and it’s a cutting edge site. Pictured are William Yan, one of the biggest street style photographers in the world, Noah Emrich, who is a 20 yr old phenom blogger who now regularly contributes to the New York Times, and the owners of the company NMRKT.

Melly Sheehan

Monica Mueller & Elyse Mueller

William Yan

Sam Campodobico & Duncan Winecoff

Ana Herrero

Rowe Jones & Unique Zayas

Rob Kur & Dalaeja Foreman

Kazumi Sakurai & Takeshi Ida

Julia Jacobson

Lydia Epp Schmidt, Lucy McGrath, & Yasmin Daguilh

Roy Cairs & Tommy Cole

Loan Tran

Noah Emrich & Nate Bui

Noah Emrich & Julia Jacobson

Nate Bui, Mitch Goldstein, & William Yan

Kate Whalen & Hash

Kate Whalen

Felix Penny, Duncan Winecoff, & Stuart Winecoff

Emily Crist & Alexandra Jupillat

Tre Knight

Emma Phillips

Marissa Galan, Ty Won, & Oliver Licudine

Kevin Ryan

Greggory Dinwoodie & Lucille Bignom at RSVP

Lucille Bignom

Alex McConney & Hester Hodde

Emma Phillips & Cas Digby

City of the Sun X Soaked at the Mondrian Hotel Rooftop

Adam Road

City of the Sun

John Pita

Lauren Charlea

Matthew Brimer & Carter Cleveland

Spencer Vita & Jordan Danger

Eno Edet & Giovanni Troncelliti

Jordan Danger, Sean Louis, & Aleks Vovcenco

Jen Abel & Molly McCormick

Tiffany Quach, Flood Weiser, & John Pita

Romina Golfari

Eddie Aigbojie

Jesse Itzler


Chris D’acunto & Mirelle Majas

Sylvi Rodriguez, Javier Cardellino, & Dynamite

John Pita

Luis Toloto & Adam Road

Harry Bentley

Silvi Rodriguez

Juliana B. & Natacha Le Jeune

Juliana B.

Brad Goreski

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    These photos are by far some of the best nightlife captures i’ve seen! Great work!