Miami Beach, FL – July 28, 2012 – Destination Saturday at Haven took off with Kristian Caro and Violinist Dave Damage providing the journey’s soundtrack. Also a cause for celebration was the birthday of photographer, Greg Lotus.

Greg Lotus

Dashil Hernandez & Ben Ardnt

Dashil Hernandez, Chrispy Alexander, & Rebekah Keida

Kristian Caro

Dave Damage

Rebekah Keida & Nathan Gielber

Lynn Larrieu & Frederic Valentin

Greg Lotus, Dashil Hernandez, & Frederic Valentin

Greg Lotus, Chrispy Alexander, & Amanda Chamberlin

Laury Smith & Greg Lotus

Chrispy Alexander & Amanda Chamberlin

Greg Lotus & Chrispy Alexander

James Davis & Greg Lotus

Dashil Hernandez, Max Encina, Greg Lotus, & Laury Smith

Shelby Tatum & Jason Dack

Ricardo Agudelo & Kristian Caro