Miami Beach, FL – August 10, 2012 – Michael Capponi, Eric Milon, Francis Milon, Roman Jones, Gilles Curtat, Laurent Bourgade & Beto Biscaia celebrated 5 years of SET Nightclub in grand style. The Amazonia event began on Hibiscus Island at the home of Michael Capponi. Guests in attendance included Miami Beach City Commissioners Michael Gongora, Deede Weithorn, Jerry Libbin; North Miami Councilman Michael Blynn; Professor Deborah Mash; and Music Artist Melky Jean;

The Hibiscus home emulated a soulful environment with amber lighting, rhythmic sounds and natural overtones by DJ Adam Lipson alongside live drum percussions. Afterwards local patrons – dressed in bohemian attire and carrying branded tambourines – proceeded to the main reception at SET Night Club, which was magnificently transformed into an Amazon Jungle.

Michael Gongora, Michael Capponi, Deede Weithorn, & Eilidh Bennett

Krisztina Kovari & Chia Fae

Barbie Moros & Jess Smith

Chris Dischino & Emily Mateer

Juan Carlos, Michael Capponi, & Jamie Isicoff

Saun Lightbourne, Nicole Boswell, Javier Diaz, & Egor Tatarenko

Alan Smurfit, Danielle Parets, & Alexander Mijares

Gracia Maria, Emily Mateer, & Giuliana Ramirez

Chris Dischino, Michael Capponi, & Felicia Marquez

Dayana Pelaez & Norbert Isaacs

Ezra Van & Randy Singer

George Walner & John Guarino

Juliana Rojas & Alina Arboleda

Lara Kaye & Rebecca Taylor

Jennifer Keller, Ed Arenas, & Michael Capponi

Jared Krupnick, Michael Capponi, Luchi Estevez, & Sylvia Latimer

Chris Swift Perez & Felicia Marquez

Constantine Max & Felicia Marquez

Mary Jane, Hilda Cox, Annie Dayes, & Tiffany Levy

Michael Capponi