Orlando, FL – August 11, 2012 – Thousands of Zumba instructors were “Dancing Through the Decades” at the Zumba Instructor Convention last night. Paying tribute to dance icons from a range of music eras, Zumba instructors dressed up and showed off the classic dance moves that help inspire their choreography today.

Beto Perez

Mara & Beto Perez

Zumba Twinz & Beto Perez

Mara, Zumba Twinz, & Beto Perez

Zumba Twinz & Mara

Zumba Twinz, Mara, & Beto Perez

Alberto Aghion, David Topel, Alberto Perlman, & Beto Perez

Alberto Perlman, Beto Perez, & Alberto Aghion

Mara & Beto Perez

Mara & Beto Perez