Miami Beach, FL – July 8, 2012 – Sunday, White Rabbit Pool Parties at Delano in Miami welcomed Miami superstar Justin Sheppard along with residents Dave Sol & Spencer Gordon. Attendees cooled off in the pool and wrapped up their weekend on a refreshing note.

Renae Bezzina & Rachelle Louise

DJ Justin Sheppard & DJ Dave Sol

Leeora Shifteh, DJ Justin Sheppard, & Sara Yosef

Mark Tamis, Lori Laquatra, Amanda Tamis, & Billy Bean

Mariale Vasquez, Ryan Scott, Lorena Ribotti, & Maureen Manc

Lorena Ribottie, Mariale Vaquez, & Ryan Scott

Katia de la Pena

Jordyn & Justin Sheppard

Andrea Heredia, Jelena Markovic, & Melanie Carey

Liana Carbone, Anthony Liscio, & Jewel McCaslin

Mike Frazier & Jewel McCaslin

Michael Hineline & Kendra Conard

Brian Mcaffrey & Carissa Vasquez

Anastasia & Nick