Tommy Pooch & Alan Roth

Miami Beach, FL – July 3, 2012 – As the people of Miami prepared for the fourth of July, they came out the night before to enjoy the Tuesday night party at Philippe. South Beach locals, as well as visitors spent the evening eating, drinking, and being socially adventurous.

Zac Courtney, Courtney Williams, & Zachary Ralph

Ani Sierra & Kookie Maffett

Kat Hicks, Ekaterina Khodorich, & Dina Auneau

Sonja Ewy & Kaitlin Connolly

Chelsea Krahenbuhl & Lauren Cohen

Natalie Vallina & Victoria Cao

Isabel Grillo, Caro Diez, & Natalie Vallina

Carlota Fonseca, Analu Vialle, & Lara Lynn

Isabella De Meyser, Marilia Olive, & Carolina Campillo

Julia Carter & Katherine Davis

Jennifer Pidermann & Brooke Lawy