Adewale Ogunleye, Kyle Moore, Katrina Campins, Donte Stallworth, & Sofia Campins

Miami Beach, FL – July 11, 2012 – Friends gathered to celebrate Derek Jeter’s birthday at the Marlin LIVE hotel.  Jeter, hung out in the VIP with Yankees teammate Jorge Posada and good friend Mike Evans while checking out the impressive performance by K.Rose, a music artist who is about to be introduced to the world managed by Queen Latifah, signed to Jimmy Ivone’s Interscope Records and on Miami’s own, Cool & Dre’s Label.  Hostess of the evening Katrina Campins welcomed guests including NFL’s Plaxico Burress of the NY Jets, Tracy Mourning, NFL’s Jerome Murphy of the St Louis Rams, Music Producer Shannon “Slam” Lawrence,  NFL’s Adewale Ogunleye, NFL’s Donte Stallworth of the New England Patriots, Janice Combs, Timbaland’s camp, real estate developer David Martin & his lovely wife Christy Martin, developer and investor Peter Gardner, Miami Marlin’s general counsel Derek Jackson, Univision executive Beau Ferrari, and the business elite in Miami as well as music and sports industry executives while DJ Irie spun music to finish out the night.

Janice Combs, Violet Camacho, Tracy Mourning, Renida Tai-Valenzano, & Katrina Campins

Janice Combs, Violet Camacho, & Tracy Mourning

Violet Camacho, Tracy Mourning, & Renida Tai-Valenzano

Katrina Campins & Janice Combs

DJ Irie & Plaxico Burress


Walid Sfeir

DJ Irie

Ben Moss & Katrina Campins

Ben Moss, Walid Sfeir, & Katrina Campins

Mario Costa & Walid Sfeir

Walid Sfeir, Kyle Moore, & Matt Cooper

Donte Stallworth, Kyle Moore, & Matt Cooper

Plaxico Burress & Matt Cooper

Slam, Janice Combs, & Troy Johnson

Slam & Plaxico Burress

Maria Bencebi & Slam

Mario Costa, Adriana, & Slam

Walid Sfeir & Rick Frazier

Mario Stocco, Christina Kuckuyan, Walid Sfeir, & Amanda Guitierrez

K.Rose & Walid Sfeir

Rick Frazier, K.Rose, & DJ Irie



Adewale Ogunleye

Danny Vega

Mario Stocco

Maria Bencebi & Slam

Plaxico Burress, Troy Johnson, Slam, & Rick Frazier

Katrina Campins & DJ Irie

Katrina Campins & Simply Jess

Troy Johnson & Katrina Campins

Mario Costa, Adriana, Sofia Campins, Danny Carodozo, Slam, & Katrina Campins

Schlomi Alexander & David Martin

Christina Martin & Sofia Campins

Denio Madera & Rebekah Keida

Dov Konetz & Andi Defield