Miami Beach, FL – June 29, 2012 – Last Friday, Rock Me Fridays at Haven Lounge presented DJ Gunars who brought a cool and interesting style to the party and started off the weekend on the right note.


Angelique Eisenstein

Kane Milbauer, Chad Simpson, & Ben Arndt

Kane Milbauer, Stacy Potash, & Chad Simpson

Nataly Tappert, Angelique Eisenstein, & Jordana de Justo

Jordana de Justo, Nataly Tappert, & Angelique Eisenstein

Jordana de Justo

Emily Eisenstadt, Elizabeth Miller, & Donna Allen

Meagan Koons, Ashley Mothershead, & Elise Hynes

Page Haggerty & Jordan Shapiro

Holly Henningson & Tory Groeniger

Lea Daley, Vienna Smith, & Brittany Masche

Vienna Smith & Brittany Masche

Toni Clarin & Kim Ader

Gunars & Ben Arndt